Saturday, June 09, 2007

Belated Thank You to Steve and Kat

A while back we received a package in the mail that was addressed to ME, but the human woman took it from me and opened it up. Inside were some very tasty and pretty cookies from Steve and Kat! We were all very excited, because not only were there cookies for me, with my hame on them, but also for Mutatoe and Spineless Sammy (it was very nice of Steve and Kat to think of them, they hardly get any fan mail and those cookies kept them from whining and bawling like little babies).

So, did we get the cookies? Of course not. The human woman was in the middle of one of her health catastrophes, and either her hand hurt, or she had a cold, or her hair didn’t curl just right or something, but she actually put them on the shelf that we couldn’t reach. She said that when she felt better (like that would ever happen) she wanted to take pictures of us enjoying our special Kat and Steve cookies. So, wanna take a guess when that happened... yep, you guessed, that would be never.

Meanwhile, other lucky pups who got their special Steve and Kat cookies were posting pictures of them enjoying the tasty cookie goodness, and thanking Steve and Kat for being so nice and sending them something... meanwhile our cookies sat on the shelf, waiting on the human woman to get off her butt and give them to us. I kept telling her what a crappy human woman she was not to at least acknowledge receiving the cookies and making up some lame excuse as to why she hadn’t fed them to us, but she just complained about some other mystery illness and lack of time and the fact that her hair was fuzzy that day and there the cookies sat.

Flash back to a day when a repair person had to come to the house. Yep, there we are in our crates because we aren’t allowed to play with the repair people, and repair people tend not to be very good about making sure the door is closed, which means a game of “catch me if you can”, so we were locked in our crates to keep from helping or playing our fun games. We weren’t very happy about being in our crates that day, so in a rush to keep us quiet, the human woman grabbed the first thing she could get her hands on to appease us... yes, the Steve and Kat cookies. Give her credit for actually giving us the ones with our names on it, but she unceremoniously tossed our cookies into our crates to “shut us up”. Well, isn’t that nice way to present a special treat that Steve and Kat spent so much time and effort to make for us. That’s just lovely.

We all protested, knowing that we needed to save these tasty treats for when we could have our pictures taken to show our appreciation for the wonderful treats... but they smelled so incredibly tasty that we just had to eat them. So we ate them.

Now, here we are without any sort of happy pictures of us enjoying the special treats that Steve and Kat so lovingly made for us. So, I’ve attempted to recreate what should have happened if we had a caring and thoughtful human woman (which we don’t, she’s a selfish whiner).

Here is a picture of my cookie:

Here is a picture of me about to enjoy my very tasty cookie:

Thank you Steve and Kat for the cookies, they were tasty.

(human woman for sale)


  1. Well, Meeshka, if there's one thing we huskies are, its "gracious". :)
    Steve & Kat will probably appreciate your lovely hand drawn Thank -you much more than a mere photo. It adds that personal touch.

    Wooos of treat-envy,
    Star & Sherman

    PS - does your "human woman for sale" do windows?

  2. We think that your story is much more entertaining this way than it would have been had you gotten the cookies right away. At least you got them, right?

    Steve and Kat

  3. Nice artwork Meeshka! One of Mama's friends sent me cookies a bit ago and stupid Mama says she's "saving them for a special occasion." Huh? Special occasion? Like what?

  4. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Oh Meeshka! Humans just can't be on top of everything. However, I don't understand why they can't! I loved the story though! The cartoon is great!

  5. Woh, so nice of your friends to send you yummy cookies. :)

    ~ girl girl

  6. Treat envy on this end, but I don't know about that for sale sign. Seems like lots of the Huskies have less than acceptable humans these days.

    PS - if you do get your human woman sold by the pound, let me know. The Mom has spent so much time on her butt lately, I'm sure she's put a few extra of those money making pounds on.......

  7. They were wonderful treats, weren't they? Hey, have your humans made you guys any treats with your food dehydrators? So far, my mom has made chicken, beef, and liver treats! Yum!

  8. We really enjoyed our tasty treats too, and hardly gave the human woman time to take pictues of us taking them from her (without taking off her fingers).

    Silly humans, they get all busy and foget how fast time goes. Better a late "thank you" than a never "thank you!"