New Type Of Food

We just got a new type of food that is VERY tasty. I have no idea what its called, but I'll ask the human woman to find out and if she doesn't forget (if she doesn't write down to go pee, she forgets) I'll have her tell you all what it is. The jury is still out on whether it'll upset our stomachs, because we just got it for the first time tonight. I'll give you an update on the gastro-intestinal verdict tomorrow morning.

It comes in a big roll and it has to stay in the fridge so there's no chance of us getting into that metal food safe and getting the whole roll, which is a bummer.

There's only one problem with the new food:


  1. Well, as long as there are no byproducts, he should be pretty safe!! hahahaha


  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Woo - so do you get the new food straight up or mixed with kibble? Humm... Doesn't Dad realize ALL food is yours before he helps himself?

  3. Guess your Mom can check your Dad's poop tomorow to see if your food is ok with him. Else maybe your dad can eat some grass outside to help with the digestion.
    I'm working on my application right now Meeshka!! :)

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Sorry my mom can't start a blog, but I wanted to show you the website I found. Mom took your lead and tried the shirt thing on me when we had a storm the other day and even tho I looked stupid, it helped. Of course my stupid little brother Nitro wanted to go out in it. Someone invented this;
    Bows to the queen, Bandit (the husky) from Delaware P.S. Your dad needs the claw for eating your food

  5. That sounds like my new food. It is called Homestyle Select. They are a rescue friendly company too.

  6. Meeshka, I tagged you to share 7 random things about yourself, then tag some others!


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