Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Different Shirt

So the other night the human woman and I were woken up by thunder. Ok, the human woman was asleep (she’ll sleep through ANYTHING) so I made sure she was awake and aware of the thunder. “Hey” claw, claw. Of course my clawing ability was drastically diminished by the recent nail clipping, so I really had to claw at her to wake her up and let her know it was thundering.

Instead of going downstairs and sitting on the couch like I trained her to do during a storm, she stumbles around in the dark looking for my shirt. Little does she know, I hid the shirt. Ok, I didn’t actually hide the shirt, but at 2am the human woman doesn’t think very well, so she couldn’t remember where she last took it off me.

Loki tried to come to my rescue by demanding to go out. He knew the shirt was coming, so he tried to distract her into forgetting about it by yapping really loudly and dancing to be let out. At least that’s what he says his plan was, but he lied. He just had to poo really bad, and since he’s a suck up mutatoe, he’d rather just lay there in misery than wake the human woman and demand to go out like I do.

Even after taking out the mutatoe, she still remembered the whole shirt thing, probably because the moment she came back up the stairs, I compulsively clawed her again. She found a nice white t-shirt in a larger size than the normal shirt (not that I’m saying that my dieting isn’t working, I’m still pretty fluffy despite the combing and nail trimming) and managed to herd me into the bathroom and put it on. Its a much nicer shirt, I have to admit and really brings out the color of my eyes.

Dejected, yet very stylish in my new white shirt, I decided that the storm wasn’t really that bad, but curled up on her pillow and sighed really hard just so the human woman would know that I wasn’t happy about the whole thing.

Today we had a very quick yet windy rain storm. Just for grins, I clawed the human woman and even clawed the human man when he walked up. They know who the boss is, and I’ll claw when I want to.

(I’m hoping for a nice green shirt next that will go with my fluff)


  1. Meeshka, does the shirt thing work for you. (Tell the truth because other dog owners might be helped to know if it does.) I know the color of the shirt matters because you need to compliment those pretty and unusual eyes.

  2. I hope you tried to get it really dirty since it was white, and that is hard to clean. I think the green would look great with your lovely red fur!


  3. I hope you'll get a shirt of your choice color and still make you stay fluffy next time.

    ~ girl girl

  4. Maybe you wanna try those Bach Flower Rescue Remedy! They are one of those holistic stuffs and work well for me. I'm not too bothered by storms or anything else...

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Oh Meeshka!!! I know how you feel about thunder. And I would demand whatever color of shirt if she is going to make you wear one!