Friday, June 08, 2007

Thunder and The CLAW

I'm sure that by now you know that I don't like thunder. If you don't... stop reading this, go back to the beginning of the blog and start reading. No, we aren't waiting until you catch up, stop sniveling and go to the beginning!

Anyway, the human woman started this whole thing with me. She seems to blame it on my being afraid of thunder, but what she really did was condition me to claw her whenever it thundered. Its her own fault!

When I was just a young puppy, we had some very nasty storms, very loud thunder and lightening. The human woman happened to get stuck in some tornadoes when she was a young pup, and she's a bit of a freak when it storms, so naturally when it would storm, she would herd all of us downstairs and we'd sit down there until it stopped storming.

Ok, fine, it thunders, we have to go downstairs. We get that. We understand. Until she changes the rule, of course.

Now, I'm a husky and I like routine. Futz with my routine and I don't like that. Tell me that when it storms we have to go downstairs, and then out of the blue say "nah, we don't have to do that"... I don't think so. You WILL go downstairs when it thunders and until you do... I will claw you. Yep, no matter what time of the day or night, it thunders, I claw the human woman. Sometimes I'll go claw the human man too, just because, but mainly I claw the human woman, because she made up that stupid rule and she'll abide by it or lose a limb. One time she was already downstairs and it started thundering, so I walked up to her and clawed her for no reason.

I've trained her well. It thunders, she jumps up and puts my shirt on and tries to out run my claw. I've even chased her around the table sometimes, but eventually I get her. She's devious though, and has figured out a way to deter me when it storms and she's in the middle of cooking and can't leave the stove:
One thing I have to say about her... she does have good balance.

(Storm Tracker 2000 and Neal Estano has nothing on my weather predicting)


  1. My human is a storm freak too. Helloooooo! It's NEBRASKA... Tornado Alley!!! (I'm sure the Ao4 understand too, what with the Wizard of Oz and all). She always freaks out when it is bad weather too, and spends her time channel surfing to find the most recent weather info on the local stations. She has hearded us to the basement in a panic more than once. THEN, she wonders why Samuel has the same sort of storm issues YOU do! Helloooo!!! She TRAINED him to be neurotic during storms! You are so right, it's all the human's fault, so they deserve everything they get!!!


  2. I really hate storms. My human seems to love watching them. Maybe there's something wrong with her?

    Meeshka, you look fluffy & adorable in your shirt. Does the shirt thing really make you feel better, or is it a stupid human trick?