Did I Ever Mention How Much I Hate Tables?

When I was a young pup, and chose the humans to be my slaves, they took me to a vet and put me on a table.

Once I was on that table, I realized that it was slippery, it was high up, I was at their mercy and they could do whatever they wanted to me, and I vowed right then and there that I would NEVER get on another table ever again. Try to strip me of my power will you... I'll show you.

The next time I was taken to the vet, I was placed on the evil table, and I emitted such an ear piercing shriek of death, that not only did they immediately put me back on the floor (where I belong), but ran out to explain to the entire vet clinic that I was not being tortured or killed... they just put me on a table.

One time I had to go in to the vet for some silly procedure. The evil vet tech people took me into the back room for this procedure while the vet stayed and talked to the humans, and they put me on a table. I wish I had been in the room to see their faces. The vet ran in, saw what had happened, ran back into the exam room to explain, and then, as usual, ran out into the waiting room to convince everyone there that I was perfectly fine... they just put me on a table.

This weekend, a new vet saw me:


  1. Truly training at it's finest. The Husky death scream is a great way to make humans about pee themselves. I'm sure the faces of the humans in thre waiting room was priceless!!


  2. Clearly a dog with all your glorious fluffiness does not belong on a table.

  3. Hm, we've never tried the death shriek. Have to keep that one in mind.

    Sherman saw a new vet, too (For our cross-country travel report, visit our blog). This vet is TRICKEY! First they had to hoist Sherman onto a silver platform only about a foot off the ground- to be weighed. THEN, with the flip of a switch, the platform began to rise and poor Sherman tells me he must have been 4 feet off the ground - helpless to stop the madness. Then they did the usual mean things.
    grrr! Cheaters! grrrr!

    -woos, Star

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Oh I agree. I HATE getting up on the table at the vet. I don't let out the husky death scream, I just pant ALOT so that the vet can not get a good hear of my heartbeat!!!

  5. Dat's a way to git hoomans to do what we want.
    Hee hee hee.

    Husky kisses,


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