What's In The Box!?

OOOH, I got mail today! Ok, it was actually addressed to the human woman, but it was actually for me. A really cool (famous) person sent us prizes for the upcoming blogathon!

Remember, sponsorship opens up in less than a week (give or take a few days), so you'll want to get out there and sponsor so you could possibly win some of the REALLY cool stuff that came in that box.

So you're probably saying "What's in the box???" Well, its not Gwyenth Paltro's head, but here's the greatest spoof on that movie.

Anyway, I digress.

I'm not going to tell you right away what is in the box, but I will give you some hints as to who sent it:
It came from Canada
It has famous fur on some of the items
The human that owns the dog that put the famous fur on some of the items also autographed some of the items.
If you happen to be in Pennsylvania on 5 August 2007, you can also meet this famous person.

Once I've registered for blogathon, and sponsorship opens up, I'll start posting pictures of all the cool stuff that can be won if you sponsor me (all proceeds go straight to Harnessed To Hope Northern Breed Rescue).

So, steal your human's credit cards and money, and get ready to win some prizes, help a good rescue, and enjoy my words of wisdom for 24 hours straight (48 posts, one post every half hour). I'm sure you won't regret losing a little bit of sleep.

(doing some serious power napping to prep for the event)


  1. Ooh you are such a tease. I cannot wait to find out more.

  2. Oh you are going to do the blogathon again Meeshka? That so rocks. That is when I started blogging last year. I'll have to rest up for this!

  3. Yay! We're so excited! We already copied all Moms card numbers so we don't even have to sneak the plastic anymore

    The Brat Pack

  4. Wow - has it been a year already ! Last year was fun - we will definately sponsor and try and keep you awake again this year.

    Mum will have to get her sleepy pants and slippers ready :)


  5. I loved last years blogathon!! You are the best blogger I know. In fact, it was you who inspired me to start my own blog! I can't wait for it to begin this year. I love using the human woman's plastic!

    I think I know who that famous person is. Are the initials KR? I think being a Sibernetter helps give me a little advantage!! :-)


  6. The Mom has a little version of her plastic card. I'm pretty sure that's mine........
    I agree with Holly on the identity of the person who sent the package.
    Holly, we should go on that stupid 'Identity' show! We could win some money for Meeshka's Blogathon.

  7. Woooooo woooooo!
    OK, we're geting ready for your blogathon. We enjoyed it a great deal last year. I thnk it will cheer Sherman up since hu-mom's up with him every night anyways right now. Maybe you'll break your last years record!

    and a very sick Sherman : (

  8. I already stole the credit card, I'm all ready.
    By the way, thanks to Meeshka for talking me into starting my own blog. It's called Sashaville (since, of course, I live in, and rule, Sashaville)

  9. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Woo Hoo! I am very excited. It will be my first blogathon!


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