Saturday, June 09, 2007

Keeping Things Interesting

The other day we all decided to sleep in. We didn’t tell this to the human woman, so when the alarm went off in the morning, she was a bit disoriented. Normally I wake her up before the alarm, so she had a hard time trying to figure out where that strange beeping noise was coming from.

When she did finally figure it out, she got up and looked at us for a long time, then back at the clock, then at us, then at the clock. She finally figured out that it actually was time to get up, and we needed to go out and then eat. Except we didn’t want to go out. This caused her some concern.

Usually the only times we don’t want to go out and then eat is if we’re sick, so immediately she was asking us if we were sick. Unfortunately the human woman, even after all of these years, hasn’t figure out how to speak husky (we picked up english very quickly, so I guess we know who the smarter animal is, eh?), so she just couldn’t understand it when we said “nah, we want to sleep in today”.

Since the human woman doesn’t speak husky, she tried to push us outside. Sam and Loki, being the suck up mutatoe and spineless bionic hip dogs, did what they were told. I just got up, pretended to follow her out of the bedroom, turned around, jumped on the bed and took her pillow spot.

About five minutes later she comes creeping back into the bedroom and looks at me. “don’t you want to go out?” she asks. Um, hello, I’m comfortably laying on your pillow, does it look like I want to go out? Humans are silly.

I held out long enough for the human woman to let the gimpies back in and put our bowls on the counter, then I was in that kitchen in a flash. Frankly I really did need to go to the bathroom, but the food was getting made. I didn’t think the human woman would bother to stop that process and take me out, so I just held it until I was done eating. This further freaked her out, because I NEVER go back outside after eating. No, I usually go and lay on the air vent and suck up all the cold air. She really didn’t know what to do with herself because we totally messed up her morning routine.

HA! See how you like it!

(tomorrow maybe we’ll switch food bowls, since I suspect that Spineless Sam is getting more food that Loki and I)


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Ah yes. The wake-up fake-out pillow-swipe. A classic Tashi move as well.

  2. You did an excellent job of confusing the human woman, and screwing up the "usual" schedule!!


  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    GOOD JOB! Oh, I LOVE to confuse my mom and dad and steal their place in bed! I usually go for mom's pillow first!