Friday, June 15, 2007

Food Dryer

I’m glad Indy brought up the whole “food dryer” thing.

With the food recalls (stupid humans), my humans decided that we weren’t going to get any more stupid dog treats because they didn’t trust the treats made in stores any more. We also get some high end food that’s pretty dang tasty now. Instead of regular dog treats, we now get bread and goldfish crackers. Bread is very tasty, it would be better with some butter on it, but our humans are selfish and won’t butter our bread. The goldfish crackers are equally tasty, but we only get them at bed time or in our kongs as a snack. I think we should get them in our new tasty food as well.

So, since we like jerky, and the humans like jerky, they went out and bought this food dryer thing. They cut up the meat and put it in this thing and it sucks all the moisture out of it and it makes jerky. Pretty cool eh?

Well, here’s the problem with that. So far we haven’t seen one little piece of jerky out of that thing.

The first batch, the humans explained to us that they needed to “test it out” to make sure it was ok for us. They cut up the meat and marinated it in some tasty smelling liquids and then put it in the dryer and the whole house smelled like tasty meats for like an entire day. The human man was quality control, and throughout the day he would go and check a piece, eating it to make sure that it was up to husky high standard. The only problem was, that by the time the batch was done, there was only three pieces left!

Ok, fine, they had to do extensive testing apparently, and we do appreciate their attention to detail when it comes to only feeding us the finest jerky in the land, but come on!

Next batch, same thing happened! We haven’t gotten to eat ANY of the tasty jerky!

So everyhusky, dog and girl-girl, if your humans drag home a food dryer and tell you that its for you, don’t believe them, they’re such liars.

(hey, how about dropping one of those on the floor or something?)


  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Oh Meeshka... this is totally unacceptable that they bought the food dryer for YOU and YOU and the others have received no treats from it. I see a claw in the near future...

  2. Wow, your parents must love you a lot.

  3. Ok, that is so mean, not to mention ruuuude! How dare they make all that tasty jerkey and not give you ANY!

    My human woman is also making us home made treats. She is buying our stuff at Whole Foods Market, because it is all organic (and because Samuel is allergic to everything) and she knows what goes into it!! So far, we have like everything she has made, which is amazing itself, cuz normally she doesn't bake anything.....ever!


  4. I can't even believe they would do that. You're really going to have to show them who is boss, apparently they've forgotten.


  5. Meeshka, might we suggest you follow the human man to the food dryer the next time and demand a taste test? Or you could just claw him until he drops his tasty treat - then he would need to give everyone a piece. We know you are good a clawing.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  6. My mama has one of them! She used it to make me sweet potato jerky.

  7. Those hoomans are very greedy....I think it's time you showed them some claws again.