He's Just Plain Weird

Sammy Sun Worshipping
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Ok, we're huskies. Huskies lay and romp in the snow. We do NOT (I repeat) NOT lay in the sun... except Sam does.

While I'm banging on the door for the human woman to let me in from the searing heat, the mutatoe is hiding under the shade of the deck, there's Sam... lounging in the sun. Black fur, soaking up the heat... he's very strange.

He tells us that he needs the sun's rays to power his bionic hip. Yeah, we're buying that excuse. Since he's got so much stainless steel in him (its surprising he doesn't clank when he walks) I'm guessing its more to warm up his gimpy parts.

The human woman thinks its cute how he lays in the sun, but he's ruining the reputation of huskies all over the world! How can we possibly convince the humans that we'll need indoor snow machines to keep us rolling in snow year round once we take over the world if Sam is out lounging in the heat and basking in the sun?

Its just not right

(won't catch me laying in the sun, I'll spontaneously combust)


  1. Soaking up the sun, huh. :) Later this afternoon Mom weeded some of the flower garden and she had me come along. I was so hot that I actually asked to go back inside. I wanted the air conditioned home.

    Different whoos for different pups. :)

    It is a great pic of you!

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Perhaps Sammy is related to Stormi - she is one of those rare, tropical Siberian Huskies....she too lays in the sun and bakes.

    Silly puppies! Summer is why God invented air conditioning!!!

  3. doxies love to sunbathe.

  4. Abby likes to go lay in the sun and she is ALL black. Mom will go yell at her to her her butt in the house cuz she's baking herself. Dogonally, I love the coolness of my basement!


  5. Oh.. maybe Sammy is a cyborg doggie that need to charge up his powers..

    ~ girl girl

  6. It looks like a spiritual thing to me. Praise to the Sun God!

    (actually I also love to sunbathe. My hu-mom even did a double take at sammy's pictures, because she caught me in the exact same pose! she let me post it on our blog a few days ago)


  7. Ack, Sun is bad. I prefer to be in the coolness of the air-conditioned house or in front of the fan.

  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Meeshka... Yeah, I don;t understand the laying in the sun either. It is way to hot outside here and there is no way I am going to stay out there longer than it takes me to potty. I have a cousin Shih Tzu named Smutt. He is jet black and likes to lay in the sun. Do you think he and Sam are related? ha roo.

  9. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I am a black and white husky and I love to sit in the sun too. My mom doesn't get it and tries to make me come in. They are never happy.


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