Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've been tagged

Like Turbo, I can't remember who tagged me, I'm sorry but my human woman is stupid and now apparently has a cold (sucks for her, but great for me in that there will be plenty o' kleenex). Anyhoo, she's on the nyquil again, so who knows how my dictation will turn out on the blog when she's like that.

Ok, my full name is Meeshka Sobaka Human Last Name, so I guess Sobaka (which means dog in russian) is my middle name. I would have preferred to be called "Her Royal Highness Delicate Little Feet Feed Me", but whatever.

Ok, here goes:
S = Svelte, I'm very thin and not Lane Bryant model material
O = O'Possum (which are tasty, and Clyde is on vacation)
B= Beautiful
A= Adorable
K = Krazy
A = Adorable

Ok, that wasn't very good, since its in human language and the human woman lolled on the keyboard a few times during the dictation.

Grandpa and Grandma human man left today, so its just Uncle Jack and the humans. I'm getting in my napping now under Uncle Jack's computer table (they set one up just for him while he visits so he can play the ogre in my pants game with the human man) and he's a messy eater.

(napping, love my naps)


  1. I think the name you chose sounds better. Your answers were very cool! I like that you put on there you were Svelte!! I can use that to describe me too.

    I think you have a dead celebrity winner. Ohio Congressman Paul Gillmor died. Not sure if he counts as a true "celebrity".


  2. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Also, did you see this?

    Pavarotti is in "grave condition"


  3. Jennifer Dunn, congresswoman from WA state just died, too. That's two congressmen and Pavarotti ill. How much longer is Uncle Jack there?
    Tail wags,

  4. Hey... Bart the Bat is missing. You don't think he and Clyde ran off together, do you?
    Play bows,

  5. Anonymous8:23 PM

    i heard that castro might have died a couple weeks ago? does that count and did you hear that millionaire steve fossett is missing and ohio rep. paul gilmore died? do any of those count??

  6. I def. like your version of your name....and you are very thin...def. Old Nacy material not Lane Bryant....you're human woman and my little biped must have caught the same cold!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  7. Ok, Pavarotti died; Uncle Jack should go home. Now.

  8. Our computers been down, so we're just catching up. Pavoratti died??? Thanks a lot, Uncle Jack, couldn't have stopped with two congressmen, eh?

    Meeshka, we tagged you & thanks for playing because humom has to do an illustration with Russian words, but she doesn't speak Russian, so now she's going to use "Sobaka" as one of the Russian words. She says thanks!

    and the Puppy-head