Uncle Jack's Tally

So far we have:

1 Congressman
1 Opera Singer
1 Missing adventurer

Its been quite a busy ghoul pool this visit with a little over two days to go before he returns home. I’m sorry to report that Michael Vick is apparently doing well still. We all have high hopes for a freak accident there.

We were pleased to find that Grandma human man had left a nice bar of travel soap in the spare bathroom within easy reach. The suck-up gimpy mutatoe got a hold of it first and ate a bit of it, shredding the paper and spreading it all over the living room before the human woman found it and began ranting. He seems no worse for wear, although for a while after he ate some of the soap, every time he’d drink out of the water bowl he’d leave little soap bubbles, so that was a bit disturbing.

We managed a sneak attack on Uncle Jack early in the morning. For some reason the door of the room where we aren’t allowed doesn’t close right, so it just takes the tiniest amount of pressure to pop that bad boy open and we’re stomping all over him before he even knows what is stomping on him. Its great fun to stomp on guests.

Right now we’re in lazy nap mode. The humans woke us up early to go take pictures of the sun or something silly like that. It comes up every day, why get a picture of it. This threw our entire plans to take over the world off, as we’re now too sleepy to do that, so we’ll nap and maybe get around to it tomorrow.

(napping on the vent)


  1. Heck ... it's TWO congresspeople. And Pavarotti. And that Fossett guy missing. Bart the Bat is back, though - is Clyde the Possum home, too? Maybe they didn't run off together.
    Play bows,

  2. Dear Meeshka,
    so sorry to hear today will not be the day you call HULA into action & take over the world. But, you do need your rest. Reading about the gimpy's soap stunt has given me an idea...perhaps if I cajole Jack into eating enough soap, he'll float away on the bubbles. What do you think?

    Please ask your human woman to send a few more Russian words our way. It's for a kid's workbook, so words must be kid-friendly, like "friends, dog, cat, school, hello, have a nice day," etc.

    My uni-lingual humom says thanks.


  3. And Max McNab, longtime hockey person. Be careful with soap so you don't get brainwashed!

  4. Wow, your uncle Jack is good! Let's keep our paws crossed for Michael Vick, though.

    Heard on the radio that the perfect punishment for him would be to make him play football all alone on his side, without padding against a qhole team of 100+ lbs rottweilers. And the ball should be a really angry chihuahua. But death by freak accident sounds nice too.

    Good job on the stomping!

  5. Don't forget the CongressWOMAN too!

    Wow, this is a banner year for Uncle Jack.

    Maybe, with the streak he has going, Vick might just slide in there.

    2 days left. Lets cross our paws!


  6. Hey Meeshka! We just had our one-year blogaversary! We want to thank you for helping us along the way and for the inspiration!
    Play bows,

  7. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Wow, that is becoming quite the list!!! I love the sneak attack that you did! nice work!

  8. another one for the list!:




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