Nuthin Much

Yep, that's been about it, nuthin much of anything going on around here.

Between the sickly human man and the sickly human woman its been nothing but nap time around here, and frankly... I'm ok with that, I can always use a nap.

Today was selfish-grain day, the human woman balled up in a clump in the bed saying she had a spike in her head. I kept trying to look and sniff, which she didn't appreciate at all. Wasn't even happy that I tried to claw the spike out of her head (you would think a thank you would be in order), and wasn't pleased at all when I tried to make her feel better by looking very fluffy, cute and bouncy on her.

Sammy has now decided that its much more fun to pretend he can't jump on the bed, so he gets specially lifted on the bed. He's just sucking up this whole spine thing to its limit and frankly I'm getting a little nauseated by his special treatment. He refuses to use the stair things the humans bought for him to get on the bed (how lazy is that) and insists on being lifted onto the bed. Now I have to trip all over those stair things when I need to jump in and out of the bed.

The one good thing is that it is grub season again, so we've gotten some good digging in, tasty grubs and we're leaving nice paw prints on the bed and human woman's back.

(its been 5 minutes, is the human woman napping again?)


  1. Sammy won't use the stairs? Maybe you should move them out of your way.

    The Human Assistant is thinking about getting a ramp, maybe, for Gremlin. But now that puppy and Jaeger are gone, I'm getting on the bed again sometimes. I hope I don't get blocked by whatever he puts there.

    Bring some grubs in for your humans so they can have a little protein without getting out of bed!

  2. My Mom is thinking about spending a gazillion dollars on a king sized bed, and the sheets, comforter, dust ruffle, pillows, and new bedroom furniture that would all be involved ... the whole nine yards .... all because little old me wants to sleep in bed with them ... BETWEEN them on the queen sized bed. The kids were never allowed to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad but "moi" ... I get away with it. Will Sammy sleep on the floor? Oh, yeah, bad idea ... I won't sleep on the floor!

  3. Your Highness,
    We LOVE the new picture of you, you just look so regal and majestic and FLUFFY! For a royal queenly appearance, that's a pretty good platform. Make all your subjects stand at attention before you as you relax and look regal...
    We feel it's totally unfair of your human to be so selfish, ours gets those 'grains but says if she takes her pill quick enough when she feels it start she can keep it to a dull roar. We've never even heard her grain "squeek", but lucky for her she continues to serve our every whim.
    She asked me to tell you "awwwe poor Sammy, you really ought to be nice to him". Whatever....
    Bama & the RHP

  4. Naps are one of my favorite things too. And my human woman gets those stupid selfish-grain things too. Hope your human woman is feeling better!


  5. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Oh naps are fun! Hey Meeshka... we love your new banner at the top :)

  6. Oh, Meeshka, I hope your humans feel better soon! You're doing a good job trying to take care of your mom. Woof!


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