Saturday, September 15, 2007

New HULA Member: Troy

In honor of my first birthday, I've been up to really special tricks. Rights of
passage if you will. The most important question is, am I now eligible for HULA?

In the last 4 days, I've:

Eaten the bottom half of mum's palm pilot wallet case along with $40 or $60.

Eaten half and shredded the other half of her notes about fax and phone numbers
for the accountants ( what ever an accountant is...if they don't serve up dog
food, who cares?).

Helped Mollie finish off the enitre bed of varigated Hostas and we're halfway
through the plain green ones.

Climbed the back fence up to the point where I got my bits hung up on the top of
the fence ( well, it's just soooooo low, what's a guy to do, but yeah, ouch it
was kind of tough on the bits)...and made dad do an emergency fence lift. I
think that's a cosmetic procedure though. When I lived in Florida, I heard
about face lifts, so I think it's like one of those. It's 7 ft. high though
now, so I don't think I can get my elbows up the fence, let alone my bits.

Ate the handles off the seafood/nut cracker. Well, she left it in the middle of
the table. What's a guy with long legs to do?

Helped Mollie "knit" a baby sweater. We had the ball of yarn in the middle of
the bed and were trying to figure out how this works using only dew claws and
no opposable thunbs. The rest of it was half a block away in the living room.
Mum busted us by following the yarn trail. But, I got her back, I bit her
needles and now they don't slide.

I promise, if accepted, to continue to cause as much chaos as possible.



  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Congrats on becoming the newest HULA member. You have a very impressive list of accomplishments so far in your first year. Keep up the chaos.

  2. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Welcome the HULA Hoop Troy!!!