A Woo for a lost one

I was saddened to learn that Ozzy and Romeo lost their human man recently.

All of us here are going to give a woo to tell those already across the Rainbow Bridge to welcome him, play with him, and keep him company until his loved ones can join him.

Please woo with us, and go to Ozzy and Romeo’s blog to let them know that he’s waiting for them over there, and that he’s fine.



  1. Life is just so unfair & unpredictable sometimes. How sad, David-dad was so young!

    ~sad wooos,

    Star & Jack

  2. Oh woo, so terribly sad, and he was so terribly young. We've left our condolences, and will keep them all in our prayers. Thank you Queen Meeshka for letting us all know about this family's need for love & caring from their cyber-friends.
    Bama & the RHP


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