Writers Strike - Heroes (Part 5)

As the world continues to ride to the bad place in a handbasket thanks to the stupid humans, the rest of the AO4 continues their efforts to thwart that stupidity and bring the earth under the complete control of Huskies!

Zim uses his art of concentration to assume a total inner peace and calm. His keen powers of observation allow him to keep tabs on all humans from his Zen post on high, mesmerizing all humans and lulling them into a trance so that other huskies can go through their pockets and purses and steal the candies they hide there... and other things that will help them take over the world, but those candies are great, even the ones that have been at the bottom of a bag for years and the wrapper is all stuck to it and there's usually bits of strange stuff stuck to it, that's very tasty stuff.

Once the humans are entranced, Dave takes over by filling every void there is in the house. Able to grow and ooze into every open space available, Dave can easily take over the size of a small continent, pushing the humans into the ocean, or simply squishing them against walls. No space is too small for Dave to ooze into.

Does your pup have super powers and wants to star in an episode of Heroes? E-mail your picture and a short description of your pup's super powers and maybe they'll end up in the next installment of Heroes! E-mail your submissions to: Meeshkaworld@gmail.com


  1. The AO4 is an awesome pack for sure. Such talent! Such power! Such pure huskiness!

    Oh great Meeshka, what will you think of next?!? Your talent really shines through "Heroes". It's our favorite show!

    Woos and a-Roos,
    Star & Jack

  2. Ohhhhhh - I must get my hu-mom to mail woo something!

    I'm superheroine quality!

    After all, I rekhognized WOO would fix the stoooooopid stuff!



  3. Wooo! Sometimes I'm so tiny, I can fit ANYwhere. Just a little, bity corner of the bed... that's all I need. Then before I know it, the bipeds have NO room! Ha woooooooo!
    Zim is so cool. He's the best brother-hero a guy could ask for!

  4. Well, Eva is a Horka Ninja but I really don't think that is a super hero quality.

    We'll have think about this.

    Belly Rubs,
    Tasha and Eva


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