Writers Strike - The Big Bang Theory

Two total geeks know computers, but don't know women. Their new, hot neighbor shows them the way to a woman's heart isn't through a USB port.

OH YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? You want me to write that crap? Who watches that lame show anyway, with its stupid fake laugh track and bad scripts.

Fine, maybe this will get people to tune into that stupid show before it gets cancelled, and next week if its still on the air, I'll see if Henry Winkler will come out of retirement, don his Fonzi jacket and jump a shark tank:


  1. The Human Assistant tells me there are many strange kinds of humans out there. Let's hope this one was spayed or castrated before s/he was released into the world!

  2. Yeah Tucker, I removed that comment. Apparently the ONE fan of the show got a bit upset.

  3. Yeah, forget that show. Write "Amerca's Next Top Dog" with Tucker Barks.

  4. Actually the show has a pretty good following. . . A lot of my friends watch it every week. It's pretty funny. You should at least try watching it before you criticize it.

    You might just like it.

    (you are right about the laugh track though, it does get a little annoying.)


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