Friday, November 09, 2007

Writers Strike - Kitchen Nightmares

Take a pompous know-it-all chef and send him to struggling restaurants to berate and ridicule the resident chef and you have: Kitchen Nightmares.

Pffft, yeah, right. We need to add a pinch of fluff into that script

Now that's a nightmare... for the chef.


  1. A classic!!
    The Mom woos an AWFUL lot at the talking box thing when that guy is on.
    And she woos those words that she's not supposed to use.

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I think Loki leaving little pee notes on all the chair legs in the dining room would be good too.

    I think you should have a cooking show just for dogs - The Galloping Husky. You could have your favorite treats made because at the end of the show they always eat what they made.

    How about a show that's a step up from agility dogs - like American Gladiator - you could see who can dig under or scale over a fence the fastest. Who can gut a squeeky toy the fastest. Fastest to get into the trash.....

  3. I think you should have your own cooking show too! Your Mom could be the writer. She won't go on strike

  4. Good stuff, Meeshka! There are people who just need a big dose of Sibe Therapy!

  5. Woooos a-roooos, ha-roo-roo!
    We like your Sibe TV a whole lot better than the stoopid human stuff!

    Lights! Camera! Action! Shed!

    Star & the Jack a-roo