Friday, November 09, 2007

Writers Strike - Kitchen Nightmares

Take a pompous know-it-all chef and send him to struggling restaurants to berate and ridicule the resident chef and you have: Kitchen Nightmares.

Pffft, yeah, right. We need to add a pinch of fluff into that script

Now that's a nightmare... for the chef.


Dakota said...

A classic!!
The Mom woos an AWFUL lot at the talking box thing when that guy is on.
And she woos those words that she's not supposed to use.

Anonymous said...

I think Loki leaving little pee notes on all the chair legs in the dining room would be good too.

I think you should have a cooking show just for dogs - The Galloping Husky. You could have your favorite treats made because at the end of the show they always eat what they made.

How about a show that's a step up from agility dogs - like American Gladiator - you could see who can dig under or scale over a fence the fastest. Who can gut a squeeky toy the fastest. Fastest to get into the trash.....

The Daily Echo said...

I think you should have your own cooking show too! Your Mom could be the writer. She won't go on strike

Tucker said...

Good stuff, Meeshka! There are people who just need a big dose of Sibe Therapy!

Jack & Moo said...

Woooos a-roooos, ha-roo-roo!
We like your Sibe TV a whole lot better than the stoopid human stuff!

Lights! Camera! Action! Shed!

Star & the Jack a-roo