Writers Strike - Heroes (Part 2)

When the call for urgent action to save the earth from the humans comes out, the rest of the Turbo pack awaken from their well deserved naps to pitch in. Using their awesome super powers, they try to stop humans from being stupid (yes, a monumental task, but something that must be done).

Fargo, dressed nattily in his super hero outfit, uses his amazing ability to remove human underwear to keep the humans from doing stupid things. After all, for some reason most humans require underclothing in order to do anything. Not only do they require underclothing, but it must also be CLEAN underclothing. Everyhusky has probably observed their humans running around frantically when they run out of clean underthings, therefore everyhusky must follow Fargo's special powers and do what they can to either steal clean underclothing, or at the very least chew it up.

To keep humans from doing anything stupid, Meep turns on his amazingly slick coat that keeps any human from grabbing him during his superhero tasks, and also creates a slippery surface wherever he stands that makes humans fall down. Just being near him makes people fall down and we all know its impossible for a human to be stupid when they have multiple compound fractures from falling down.

When it comes to powers of invisibility, Niki is the master. Able to blend into any background, hide from humans in plain site, and avoid being photographed, Niki can sneak into any situation and do what needs to be done. Whether its stealing top secret plans to livergreat, or stealing a sandwich, Niki can do it all, right under the very noses of the humans that think rule the world. Stupid humans, they'll never learn until they starve to death.

Once the arch nemesis of all fur-bearing creatures, the D. Animal use to suck up the fluffiness, goodies, and dirt of all huskies and laugh. This all changed when the humans blamed D. Animal and its kind for wasting precious energy through its use of electricity. Angry, D. Animal grew to gargantuan proportions and began working with the huskies to stop humans from being stupid. It now drives through city streets and sucks up humans, disposing of them at the sewage treatment facilities. Until its work is done, D. Animal will continue sucking up stupid humans until its ultimate goal is met: sucking up Al Gore. Unfortunately even with its gargantuan size, D. Animals intake manifold is too small to suck up Al Gore's enormous head.


  1. I hope there's enough electricity for giant D-Animal!

    But isn't it a bad thing to suck up Nobel prizewinners?

  2. We khan't wait to see what you do with the Men In Trees 'issue' -

    Woo so rokhk Our Queen AND noble writer -

    Woo will be in the running for next year's Nobel Prize fur literature -

    Stokhkholm - here she khomes!



  3. Thank goodness for the Turbo Pack!

    Although, I'm still not too sure about the D. Animal, he might be a bad one in disguise!


  4. Woo! Can we chew on dirty underwear too? That's my favourite.

    Louka, whose mommy gets really mad when her dirty laundry is found lying in the hall.

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  6. (repost -- fixed typos)

    Oh it is glorious - look at how the hard work you've put into training HULA operatives is paying off - they're Super Heros!!! It is very cunning of you to turn the D. Animal against the humans, good strategy, Meeshka. This is like a glimpse of how things will be when huskies rule the world!

    Your ardent fans,
    Star & the Jack a-Roo


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