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We interrupt tonight’s Heroes episode to bring you this very special HULA member! Part 4 of Heroes will be seen tomorrow during its regular broadcast time.

And now.....


This past week was another adventure in husky haywire-happenstances.  Our cupboards were bare except for some canned items which seemed safe enough.  One night we came home from work to find the kitchen floor covered in oil and the remains of a tin of smoked oysters lying inside Miss Franki's hut.  Along with the empty tin of oysters was a single serving container of Campbell's Tomato Soup at Hand, also empty.  Our little friend had helped herself to a snack of oysters and tomato soup.  I neglected to take a photo of that night's escapades but I have collected all of the images necessary for application to the Husky United Liberation Army.

Proudly, I present Franki's accomplishments:

1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior

Given the chance Franki likes to have a great dig on the sofa or the bed when the humans are busy cooking in the kitchen and have forgotten to close the doors to the tv room and the bedroom:
Several sheets have been shredded and the human has had to use her sewing skills to repair the sheets, all of which were purchased last year from LL Bean:

2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason

There is no picture to back up this event because the human was too freaked out to take a photo.  One night, while the human repaired torn sheets on the sewing machine,  Franki sampled different items from the recycling box and brought many of them into the sewing room to show them off to the human.  Only the sounds of the sewing machine running and plastic being crunched could be heard in the basement.  At one point,  the human heard a different noise which sounded like something falling but she did not take much notice. More crunching sounds were heard and then Miss Franki came into the sewing room to visit with the human and show off her beautifully painted blue tongue.   The human shrieked and dashed out into the basement.  She quickly discovered a tube of blue "Gouache" paint shredded to bits on the basement floor.  The human ran to the washroom and grabbed a facecloth to clean the blue paint from Franki's tongue.  The next step was to look at the ingredients of the "Gouache" which she had bought at a garage sale.  There was nothing on the tube or the box.  Noting that the product was made in France, she dashed up the stairs to Google "Gouache".  Not enough information was available, so the decision was made to drive to the Emergency Animal Clinic because it was 11:30pm on a Sunday evening.  During the human's panic, Miss Franki was totally fine and there was nothing to indicate that any noxious substance had been ingested.  The clinic was very busy and, thankfully,  the receptionist checked with the vet immediately.  The vet was not completely sure and suggested that the human call the Poison Control Centre from the office phone.   The human reached Poison Control in seconds and was very impressed with the nurse at the Centre who was extremely helpful as she searched every database and came up with a "not to worry" solution.  The nurse mentioned that phoning them first would have been the best approach.   Franki and the human woman decided to go for a long walk on the beach after the mental anguish had dissipated.

3. Destroy Something

Pillow with insides out:
Milkbone box ready for recycling:
Pièce de résistance:

4. Human behavior modification

The humans accept that this is "their" living room:
The humans now enjoy sitting on this loveseat:

5. Humans dress you up
What the heck is the deal with humans dressing us dogs up?

6. Love of Kleenex

From the lowly, discarded clump of used, damp kleenex on the city streets to a pristine roll of toilet paper in its protective enclosure, all are prime targets for the husky:

Sorry there are no photos of the street clumps available.


Franki and Connie

Franki continues to amaze and bewilder her humans, and I admire her ability to manipulate them in such ways that they literally bend over backwards to accommodate her huskiness. Congratulations Franki, well deserved - Meeshka


  1. Wow, I think those are some of the best examples I've seen!!

    Apparently they don't feed Franki near enough, if she scrounging for oysters and tomato soup!! Ha woo woo wooooo!

    Congratulations Franki!


  2. Very impressive - Franki sure has her humans wound around her paw!

    Woos & aroos,
    Star & Jack

  3. It looks like she really deserves to be in HULA!!



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