Writers Strike - Heroes (Part 1)

When the humans totally botch up the earth, the dogs stood by... until the humans began to blame cow flatulence and an over abundance of fur for global warming... that was the last straw!

Using their natural super powers (hidden because napping and being waited on hand and foot was much more fun), the dogs begin to straighten out the earth and the humans.

Totally sick of the whole mess, Super Turbo uses his powers of levitation and flight to spot stupid humans, swooping down to smack them in the heads and knock some sense into them. If that doesn't work... well, it gets ugly.

When humans don't listen like they should, Roo uses the power of staring to get anything she wants... including the keys to the nuclear arsenal, or a bowl of soup

Lex may be stupid, but when he gets angry, it snows. Why? Who knows, but it does, and watch out when he gets really mad!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Heroes


  1. BUT - what about Men In Trees????

    WE know woo have something to say about THAT farce!

    Woosingly yours,


  2. Mmwwwaahahaha! At last the humans will know the Power of Paw & Claw!!!

    staying tuned....
    Star & the Jack a-Roo

  3. Thank dog for Super Tubey!!! I'm not sure what the world would do without him. And if it weren't for Lex, we may never get snow! And THAT would be horrific!


  4. Lex can make it snow just by getting MAD?!?!? Oh, wow! Quick, Tubey - do something to make him angry!!!
    PS: Meeshka, I like your shows better than what's on TV!

  5. Mom and Dad are not happy about the writers strike, but I'm glad because if there wasn't a strike, we couldn't read your great TV shows!


  6. Ha roo!!!! I love it!!



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