Blatent Marketing Ploy Alert

Ok, here’s a blatant marketing ploy to get your humans to go out and get some REAL husky howliday cards. Don’t let them buy those crappy, smarmy cards that show us all cute, fluffy, and without claws.

Get them to go take a look at these howliday cards. I particular like “The Nutcracker Suite, Husky Style”... I’m the inspiration for that one ☺

Ok, get their wallets and go to:
gimpydogs howliday cards


  1. Why is it that all those "model" huskies are grey? Aren't there any red huskies like you Meeshka? I think you should strike, and not be the model any more if your human doesn't make some of them red like you!


  2. Does your Mom make those cards?

  3. Holly, I know, the human woman is lazy and its easier to use the black/gray than it is to match my beautiful plummage red. I'll claw her tonight to do some of them like me.

    Copper, yes, the human woman draws and inks them. For some strange reason she sits outside and watches me, giggles, then runs inside and creates these things. She calls me her muse, whatever that is.



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