Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stick Pile Update

So, you may be wondering why I'm lounging and pouting under an end table. I thought you'd never ask!

The human woman has been working hard to organize our stick pile, and doing a great job. She's got a pile of small, tasty, easy to chew and break sticks in one pile. There is the fun to climb on large limb pile, and she has uncovered my own personal throne, which is the stump of a tree. I love sitting on that stump. I would show you a picture, but I'm too busy pouting.

You see, its raining out. For those of you who don't know me (shame on you), I don't like the rain. The rain makes me less fluffy. Its wet. I don't like my delicate and tiny feet to get wet, and I don't like it when I'm not to my full fluffiness when I'm wet. Therefore, I'm pouting under the end table.

There has been some misunderstanding with my new tree stump throne, and that is that Loki thinks its HIS throne. He is sadly mistaken, and I've had to chase him off of it a few times with my skitter/screech approach. He just laughs and bounces away. That boy just doesn't know when to take things seriously. I had to chase him around the yard the other day because he barked, and barked, and barked at Sam until I couldn't stand it any longer and was forced to chase him. He made the mistake of getting cornered near the shed. You would think he would learn after that, but no. The moment I taught him a lesson, he just runs right back and attacks me. He's not very bright.

Word of warning to everyhusky (and dog) some moron by the name of Justin is posting comments with a link on a lot of blogs. He left one on mine, but the A04 warned me about him. Apparently if you click on the link it takes you to fur-less and clothes-less humans, and also downloads viruses to your computer. If you see a comment from some idiot named Justin, don't click on the link. Report his butt to blogger (I doubt they'd do anything, they're too busy keeping the old blogger up with duct tape) and maybe we can get him booted. I just wouldn't click on ANY comment links from now on, so don't bother leaving any, or clicking any of them.

(stop the rain so I can sit on my new throne!)


  1. I don't blame you about the rain. My curlies get all flat when they get wet too. Thanks for the heads up about Justin. You are always so helpful. Hope you get your paws of some of that yummy Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow!

  2. Whaaat? I'll keep an eye out. Oh, and it's raining right here in Virginia.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  3. Wow, Meeshka, you look VERY fluffy. So have you been eating a lot of grubs and wood?

  4. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I didn't realize how very fluffy you were until I got my DWB calendar today! Oh my gosh! You must be the fluffiest dog ever! I don't blame you for not want ing to get wet. How long does it take you to dry?!?!

  5. Hey! Congrats on capturing the Dyson and sticking it behind bars where it belongs!

  6. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Hey Meeshka!

    Wish I was small enough to fit on our end table. Good for you in guarding your stump. I have to guard my couch, but sometimes I do let Abby and Samuel up there.....and dad too. I agree with Tubey, way to go on trapping the Dyson!!

    Thanks for the warning about Justin, unfortunately the weirdo has already been to my blog, so I deleted him. He's lucky I don't come and find him and sit my 120 pounds on him and bite his ass!


  7. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Ha roo! Dyson in a box! Ha roo!
    I thought Tubey would say that rain is stupid! We haven't had any here in a long, long time.
    Wishing you some fluffiness,
    Play bows,

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Been a while since I've been around. Good to know that you are still ruling your roost, now from atop a well deserved throne.

    Good luck reviving your fluffiness. You just won't be the same without it.

  9. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Justin left a comment for me too. I TOLD my person not to click, not to click, but she did--but it was just a lot of mess and no furless and clotheless humans. I'll delete his comment right now. Thanks Meeshka

    Sorry it's raining there and keeping you from sitting on your throne AND be fluffy at the same time. Maybe tomorrow