Monday, November 06, 2006

Gotta Hand It To The Mutatoe

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Although he is annoying, sometimes I have to hand it to the Mutatoe for coming up with unique ways to drive the human woman insane.

Take today for instance. Our morning routine pretty much goes like this:
We claw the human woman awake and demand to go outside. We do our business, and then demand to come inside and be served our breakfast.

After the human woman wastes water in the shower thing, Mutatoe demands to be let outside again (he hoardes water and has the bladder of a flea). Bionic hip Sammy usually goes out with him. I like to stay inside for some early morning clawing and annoying.

After the kong bone treats are prepared (I supervise to make sure she isn’t skimping on the treats), she will let the gimpy boys back inside. Normally they’re in a hurry to get inside so they can get their kong, but this morning, Loki noticed that the human woman was wearing a white shirt. I’m sure you know where this is going.

Yes, Loki decided that he saw a horrible predator in the back of the yard, so he ran back there to attack it. Despite the calls from the human woman, he refused to come inside, and actually yapped at her to come look at the predator. She couldn’t refuse his bouncing and pointing, and actually walked outside to see what he was looking at. When she was half-way in the yard (the point of no escape), he tore after her and leapt onto her, making sure to smack her with his well dirtied mutatoe sponge-like paw, then ran to the back door looking cute and ready to go inside.

Oh yeah, we all laughed and laughed when she walked in, muttering about the dirt on her sleeve, but what she didn’t realize was that she had two very large mutatoe foot prints on her back. Apparently a co-worker pointed that out to her, AFTER she walked through the busy halls at work, no doubt being laughed at behind her back. What made it even funnier was that she tried to use a brown paper towel to wipe the mud off, and it just made things even worse.

So, what have you done today to make your human foolish?

(plotting for tomorrow)


  1. Ooooooooooooh, good one Loki!

  2. Well, today I got to go for a car ride with my Mom. It was just her and me and she NEVER takes me anywhere anymore so I was very excited. She told me she was trying to be nice to me.

    Well, I did not want to wear a seat belt, I wanted to see out the window! So I kept trying to climb in her lap, even with the seat belt and .. well ... she nearly had a wreck. I made her really mad. It didn't make her look foolish but it nearly killed her. Does that count?

  3. Tell Loki that's pretty cool!

    I always like yelling at Lex when my Human is trying to eat her supper! That really annoys her.

  4. Ok......I'm hard........I can't.......hardly........type!!!!!!!


  5. Daaang! Good one, Loki! Ha, ha...!

  6. That might just be the funniest human tormenting story I've ever heard!

  7. Way to go, Loki! Mutatoe-paws up on that one!
    We have not been too annoying today. Our mom has been harried enough lately without us adding to it - apparently other humans are dong just as good a job as we could!

  8. Ha ROO! That's a good one, Loki! Meeshka, did you put him up to that?
    Play bows,

  9. WooWoo! I got the lady on Friday, black sweatshirt, on the back, she had no idea till it dried (at work of course)! Macie