Who Ordered This Crappy Weather?

As most of you on the East Coast know, we had some really crappy weather today. Its November... it should be snowing, but what do we have? Torrential downpours, wind, and THUNDER. Oh yeah, so you know what that means, right...

Yep, the shirt. Unbelievable. The human woman has just sucked the life blood from me, taken away the very claw I live by, no more fun, no more making her run from me... she gets out the shirt at the first crack of thunder and renders me harmless. There is no joy in Meeshkaworld.

On top of that, I've been getting some pretty irate comments and even e-mails from dogs blaming me for their humans reading our innermost thoughts and secrets here on Meeshkaworld, and using it to their advantage. Um... hello? Did I not tell everyhusky (and dog) that this was PRIVATE for us only? Why are you allowing your humans to read our secret HULA plotting and planning? I tell you these things so that you can be aware of them, and plot tactics to get out of shirts, stop the non-stinky things, and get good food from them! I don't post them so they can read it and thwart our attempts to take over the world.

For instance, I get this e-mail from Sasha:

So, OK, I don't like rain. Big deal. It gets my nice coat wet and soggy, and it's noisy, and I don't like it. So the human woman apparently heard about some magic cure for not liking rain from Meeshka's human woman.
Why do we let them talk? So she comes down with a tee shirt. And then she put it on ME!! I don't wear tshirts.

Then, just in case things aren't bad enough, she takes my picture. Look how stupid I look.
Once I"m done pouting (and the rain's over) I'll think of some good way to get her back. If anyone has any suggestions, please post them to Meeshka's blog. I'll read it, even though I'm not talking to Meeshka. She's the one that got me into this mess in the first place.
Sasha, in a stupid shirt.

Can you believe that?? She's blaming ME for her wearing a shirt! Well Sasha, if you kept the blog hidden from your human (like all of you should be doing) then you wouldn't HAVE to wear a stupid t-shirt! So don't be blaming me when all of your humans buy stupid trash cans, non-stinky spray and put you in t-shirts!

(try to help huskies out and they turn on you... no good breed goes unpunished. harumpf!


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I didn't let her read your blog? Am I crazy? I don't know HOW she found it. I think the humans talk somehow. I need to hide the cord for the laptop, and get it out to read your blog when she's at work. I think those human women email back and forth. It's a plot. Now get this shirt off of me.

  2. Hey, Meeshka, I have been to your site a lot of times and I never made any irate comments.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  3. We've been very careful not to let on that we can read. So far so good, but she read the blog over our heads - the one about the non-stinky stuff. We're being extra careful now - - what was that? Go to go!

  4. Meeshka,

    I'm a foster mom for rescued huskies and I love your blog. My dogs don't always appreciate me reading it but let me just say, I usually read your blog AFTER they do which leads me to believe my dogs are somehow getting to it beforehand because I have blamed you for many things that have gone awry in my home! (Can someone tell me who has taught my dogs to read, let alone type and start up the computer?)

    I do apologize for blaming you but my Bart seems to be quite sneaky and seems to be using the computer when I am not home. It is usually directly aster you have posted a blog to torcher the humans that I'm torchered. If you don't believe me, compare my bad blog dates with your calling the HULA together! There is definitely some correlation

    Keep up your work with HULA! I am sure I have had (and will have many more) huskies in my home that will follow you. I have to say that I think it will be a wonderful day when all huskies unite and take over the world! Lord knows, I am such a push over for ever single one I have fostered (I still cry for my past foster dogs and am told I should toughen up but it still doesn't help...I am under their spell!)

    Sorry my comment is so long! I hope you do not have to wear the T-shirt too much longer!

    Bart's Mom

  5. Anonymous1:37 AM

    The shirt is unfortunate.

  6. Oh Meeshka, I would never blame you for anything my mama does! She's talked about putting me in a shirt and a coat, but that's not due to your blog. That's the fault of the boxer people she spends all day talking to on her silly forum! I keep telling her I do NOT need clothes, that's why I have so much fur. So far she's paid attention to that fact, but every time she giggles and talks about how "cute" her boxer friends are in their clothes I have to cringe just a little bit!

  7. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Meeshka, If you humor her over the whole shirt issue (I mean ... it DOES help you during thunder-me-s, right?), you can always get payback another time. When her guard isn't up.
    Tail wags,

  8. Meeshka,

    Just keep plotting to take over the world. Do you really think the humans can thwart you even if they know your plan in advance? You are entirely too clever for them.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  9. Changing my password. Maybe that will keep Mom off your site.

  10. Meeshka,

    We're trying not to let our human see your blog. Otherwise, she might try to put a shirt on Samuel, who has "issues" himself with storms. But he's weird, he's either out walking around in the rain, or acting like a scared little girl and hiding in the bathtub. Maybe the shirt might be a good thing for him afterall. Hhhmmmm. I'll have to think about that one.

    I think you look rather cute in your shirt. It really shows off your fluffiness!


  11. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, where the heck is the snow? It's November, should't it be show instead of rain by now?



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