Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Ok, so when I gave the call to arms to everydog to drive their humans insane, I sat down and had a long, slow talk with Sam and Loki (I have to talk slow, they're a bit dense), explaining that we have to kick up our natural tendencies to be annoying to teach the human woman who is boss.

Well, apparently Loki either didn't understand, or has taken it upon himself to best me in annoying. We've all done our fair share of begging, looking cute and fluffy and hungry while they eat. I've clawed and pranced and woo'd. I've even managed to get the human woman to share her tasty, buttery Costco croissant with me... even the human man shared. Our bothering them has been a great success.

Today, since its raining, I went out and dug in the mud, we all got wet, and that should have been sufficient annoying for one day... oh no.

Gimpy suckup mutatoe goes outside in the rain to get all muddy, while we're inside napping, getting the jump on annoying. Then he has the gall to carry in a dead mole and plop it in his cage! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? He's showing off now! I even heard the human woman say that he is the most evil. THE MOST!!! I'm suppose to be the MOST evil! This is MY house, and I say that I'm the MOST evil husky here!

I can't believe that. I don't know whether to show him up, or throw him to the floor and chew on him.


(I will not be bested by a gimpy)

OOOH, that little gimpy! He just hurled up all of his food in the kitchen. He's just sucking the attention right away from me! I'm sure his hurling had something to do with drinking muddy rain water and getting the mole. He's so annoying.


  1. Way to go Meeshka. Sounds like you guys have this annoying thing really figured out. I hope that Loki is feeling better too. Maybe it was just the mole.

  2. He HURLED right in the kitchen? Ya gotta admit, it's hard to beat that for annoying...but if anyone can, you can, Meeshka - we're rooting for you!

    Star & Sherman

  3. Meeshka,
    Hope Loki is feeling better. But doing the horka in the kitchen? On a hard surface, I assume? To be truly evil, you need to horka on carpeting. Seriously.
    Tail wags,

  4. I agree with Storms. You can best the gimpy with a well-placed horka on a soft surface!

  5. I'm sure your human called him "the most evil" just because he was acting up at that time. I'm sure that "overall" YOU are the most evil. His was just an "in the moment" most evil. I agree with Storms and Tubey, to be truly evil the horka has to occur on something that it can be smeared into when it gets wiped up, like carpet, sofa, chair, bed, that sort of thing.


  6. The bed is best ... in the middle of the night ... when the humans are sleeping in it ... very annoying.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy


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