Prepare for the Day

HULA operatives!

I will be reporting soon on a very important training mission that will determine our readiness to take over the world. Please stand by for this most important announcement in the next day or two.

In the meantime, I've receive a covert report from Agent 00K9 on training activities underway:

Dear Queen Meeshka, With great pleasure, I have covertly been contributing to your plan of overthrowing the human world. Since I last checked in with you, oh mighty leader, I have stolen another sandwich left unguarded, escaped a few times out the front door when unsuspecting humans visited my home and best of all on one of those escapes I chased the neighbors cat. Yes! It was fantastic. How dare that feline patrol my front yard. It was imperative that I set it straight. I allowed the feline to escape as it was much more pleasurable to listen to the humans scream in fear of its life. You would have enjoyed the sight of my human woman jumping up and down in her pink fuzzy housecoat as I chased that cat across the street and up the fence. I’ve laughed for months during my incarceration. Yes, it’s true. The human woman has been containing me during visits of other humans; just in case I decided to show them how easy it is to manipulate them. Back to the topic at hand, play fighting. Normally I am viscous in my relentless attempts to bring down the other gimpy dogs. I always attack at the throat bringing them down in the Caribou style. But I have decided that I must confuse the humans in this war. I must stay a step ahead of them in my pursuit of freedom and power for all huskies. The human woman brought home yet another dog that she calls a rescue. This one is a malamute puppy, a small whiny little thing that supposedly has a genetic defect and won’t become taller than me. There is no challenge in bringing that little runt down. But I watch carefully for the times that she brings out that camera thingy. As soon as it appears I confuse the humans by acting as if I am innocent. I have attached a picture of my innocent looking self with the runt. Little do they know that as soon as their backs are turned I slam it down and make it whine. It’s great fun. Human steps out, I look innocent and sweet.

Door shuts, I slam the little booger and the human steps out and yells at the other dogs!
Got to love it.

Keep up the fight,

Agent OOK9


  1. Agent what-his-name sure does look sweeet and innocent and submissive ....

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Ok, there will be no hurting my kin!
    Some day that gimpy may just be able to kick some sibe butt, just like I do. And keep in mind, you sibe's need us big Mal's on your side in the HULA fight, cuz we are big and tough!

    Nice "innocent" pose. I have some of those too! ;-)


  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I must let you know Meeshka that the most wonderful thing has happened S N O W

    It is awesome. My and my own mentally gimpy sidekick got to go out and run in the snow. And it is still coming down in buckets. Then we insisted on coming inside to get toweled off.

    WIthin minutes were were jumping on the human to let us out again to play! She's so silly, she falls for it.

    I'm in for the third time this morning and I think I'm about ready to go out again.

    HAIL SNOW!!!

  4. I am so jealous of those of you who have snow.

    Its 70 degrees and RAINING here!

    The weather liars are not calling for snow at all (as if we should believe them even if they say it were coming).


  5. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Dear Meeshka,
    You can count on the 4 of us! And no... I haven't done anything about the stuffed bears YET! But did you see the great Furniture Olympics picture? from Wednesday? I'm sure if you see me in action there, you'll want me on the HULA team!
    Play bows,


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