Tip #583 On How To Drive The Human Woman Insane

We behaved for one day... sorta. Sometimes you have to take a day or two off to throw them for a loop. If you behave badly every day, they expect something weird. You have to surprise them.

Sam managed to hurt his front leg. In case you didn't know, on top of having one bionic hip, one bad hip, Sam also has one front leg shorter than the other. He's a mess, and that's why he cops a tude all that time. He's cute, he's lopsided, he runs funny, he's a gimpy. Not quite sure what he did to it, for all I know he may be limping for attention. of course its really hard to tell that he's limping, since he's lopsided to begin with, but the human woman is sure he's limping, so he's getting ALL sorts of attention.

Which is what brings me to the title of this blog post... here's another fine example of making the human woman scream and get you all sorts of attention:

Yes, its the ol chew on a really sharp knife trick!
Hey, I didn't get it out of the sink where someone left it right close to the edge where Loki could easily reach it. I just happened to take it away from him and chew most of the handle off. I didn't swallow it, I'm not stupid, but it was good for removing some of that pesky tartar from my back molars.

You should have seen the look on the human woman's face when she saw me chewing on that! She was so concerned that I had cut my legs while holding it to chew on, that she didn't even yell at me! She just checked my legs (the fluffiness keeps me safe), and then gave me a hug of relief that I wasn't bleeding all over the place.

So, lesson learned: chew on a steak knife... get praised and hugged. Gosh I love humans, they make no sense at all.

(the plastic was very tasty)


  1. Oh Meeshka, you must NEVER do that again! My mom gasped real loud when she saw the picture of the knife with the chewed handle!

  2. Geepers Meshka! I am so glad you are fluffy and were protected! You Huskies are tough! You human woman loves you a lot.

  3. Meeshka, I'm glad that you're safe (thank goodness), but you must never, I mean, NEVER ever do that again! It's dangerous. Dangerous, I tell you...!

  4. *sigh* I guess the humans don't get that we go through life with the au natural equivalent of a mouthful of steak knives! We are experts at handling razor-sharp claws & fangs---we're PREDATORS!!!! and proud of it, I might add.
    Good job, Meeshka, keep them on their toes!

  5. Nothing sharp, never! Plastic, yes. Wood, yes. Cloth, yes. We dont want you to cut off your tongue!

  6. While I can definitely see the entertainment value, I think you should stick to spatulas and those fun plastic scrapers. I take them out the doggie door and hide them throughout the yard for my dad to find when he mows. Watches, wallets, shoes, socks, etc.... These are all safe items.

    Talk to you soon,

  7. Meeshka, Our mom reacted like Indy's. Yes, you want to keep the bipeds on their toes..... but you don't want to scare the life=blood out of them!
    Tail wags,


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