Sunday, November 26, 2006

Odds (no, not the gimpies) and Ends

The humans have been home for four whole days and frankly I'm sick of them being around. The human woman mentioned something about going back to work tomorrow (complaining as usual), and frankly, I need some peace and quiet.

To answer some questions left as comments:

The humans are too paranoid to give us our own dog door. We'd probably never come back inside, unless it was to get our bed time treats and to hog the bed. They feel that left to our own devices, we would just do evil in the yard, and would have dug under the fence (despite their devious attempts with concrete and chicken wire) while they slept. They control us with a tight leash, which is why we fight the leash of oppression.

The stick pile continues to dwindle away. Sometimes I think she just re-arranges it into interesting shapes to make it look smaller, but I do suspect she's stealing valuable and tasty limbs and doing something with them.

You have it lucky Zim. When I come in from the rain and get into bed, the human woman just complains about the wet sand I leave behind and contorts herself into some kind of position to get any bit of the bed. Loki tells her off when she tries to encroach on any of his half of the bed, and I heave a huge SIGH when she bothers my sleep. She can't go sleep on the couch because they cut it in half and moved half upstairs, which isn't big enough for her to lay on. She does sometimes go into the guest room to sleep on the hard normal bed, but that was during storms, and that was before she started putting a t-shirt on me.

Kelsey and Smokey, you really have to train harder in your anticipation of human food falling skills! You both should have been on that pumpkin pie the very second it hit that floor to clean it up. The key is being underfoot all the time, whether you are laying right in front of the fridge or oven (watch out for the oven, the falling things are very hot), or walking slowly beside the food carrying human, you have to be right there for the action. Sometimes bumping into the food carrying human creates great results as well, but be sure to "yip" in pain to make the human think that they stepped on you and caused the spill, not the other way around.

Just a few helpful tips from Meeshka


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM


    Our human woman was very paranoid about the doggie door too at first. Luckily at our house, we have nice bushes inside the fence on 2 sides to keep us from getting to the fence to dig. And, most of us have grown out of that. Sam and Monty are the big diggers, but luckily not at this house. Dad takes us to the big hill to do our digging (see my blog for photos) so we get the digging out of our system there.

    Thanks for the food spilling tips. I hadn't thought of any of those, so will need to try them so I can get more food!


  2. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Forgot to ask,

    May I add your gimpy dogs site to my links list? Being somewhat gimpy myself (left leg shorter than right leg due to being broken and wired back together) and having Abby (a major gimpy) in the house we would like to let others know about your wonderful gimpy dogs site!


  3. Hi Meeshka, Don't your human play with you when she's home?

    ~ fufu

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Hi Meeshka! We just started reading your blog (since we are puppies and just learned how to read) and we think it's so funny!! We just started ours, along with help from our older feline brother. We hope it will be as entertaining as yours, but we have lots of learning to do!

    Steve & Kat

  5. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Hey Meeshka,
    Our couch is really a loveseat. Mom has to either curl her legs (Dave trains her by sleeping in "her" leg space on the bed) to fit - or use the ottoman. Storm said it'll help toughen her up.
    Play bows,