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We've had some great reports of begging, being annoying and clawing lately. I'm very proud of our Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) members. Sorry I haven't posted in a day or two, but I've had to keep on the human woman so she actually learns who is boss. She forgets things very easy, and she's incapable of keeping her stupid bed inflated.

Apparently the cause of the leak wasn't the mattress, or the pump, no it was one of the air tubes leading to the mattress. So all of that, and all she had to do was removed one of the stupid air hose extensions. I had to suffer on a deflated bed more times than I can count, all because she's a moron.

I've successfully clawed my way to staying outside in the cool air for long periods of time, where I plot and plan my next adventure while I nap. Loki had a wonderful fence hole dug, then had to scream and yell and throw a fit when Sam and I tried to help. Of course, here comes the human woman to cover it up again.

The mutatoe also had a mental breakdown yesterday when his purple, stinky no longer squeeky ball somehow ended up downstairs where he couldn't get it (I'm not saying who moved it). You should have heard the fit he pitched trying to get at it. Like a little husky girl crying.

There was some excitement in the yard today as gazillions of black birds descended upon our trees and screamed at us. They refused to come down and play though, all they did was scream, poop, and annoy me.

Tonight I plan on doing some leg clawing, claw torpedoing (very effective in removing the human woman from her chair), and perhaps even some woo'ing and stomping of my delicate, tiny feet.

(come down you stupid birds!)


  1. We are still working on it Meeshka! You are our queen, so we promise to do whatever you say, in order to annoy, and irritate our humans!


  2. What kind of bed does your Mom have?

  3. I'm with Holly. We bow down to you, our Queen. Lead us to greatness!


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