Sunday, November 19, 2006

Look at Our Fun New Gift!

Today started out to be a very boring day. The human woman left for a while, came back smelling like a pet cemetery, the human man stayed home, but he was reading stupid books and didn't pay us much attention. That's fine, because normally sunday is sleep day, but still.

Human woman gets home, and then there's a knock on the door! OOH, was it the guy that brings the good smelling boxes that the humans don't share with us?
Was it the guy that brings the little white boxes of good smelling stuff that the humans don't share with us?
It was some guy, and for some reason because that guy was around, we couldn't go outside. Then there was a whole bunch of noise out back, and we wanted to go investigate the noise, but the humans wouldn't let us... but I snuck a peek in the kitchen window, and it was the guy in the tree!

After what seemed like forever, the guy in the tree finally left, and the human woman let us outside, and this is what we found:

Look at what the tree limb fairy left for us! There is an absolutely HUGE pile of limbs in our yard, just for us! We sniffed the limbs, and tried to climb into the limbs (the human woman yelled at us) and played keep away around the limbs, and generally tried to be helpful, but the human woman wasn't having any of that.

Apparently all of these limbs came from our trees, and apparently one of the trees is actually laying on the ground now. They got a good deal from the guy cutting down the limbs and trees, and part of that deal was that we have to clean up the limbs! We'll have limbs to chew on for a looooong time! Maybe some woodland creatures will move into the limbs and we can eat them. The human woman managed to cut up and bag some of the limbs, but she thinks it may take her a long time to do it, but we'll be out there to help her too, so it'll be no time before we have those pesky limbs all piled up neatly. We'll have so much fun with our new obstacle course!

(Just LOOK at those limbs!)


Anonymous said...

Meeshka: How do you do a hyperlink in a comment section? Anyway, I think I know who was at your front door. Check it out:
Good luck with the tree removal. We better be careful the next time our doorbell rings - our trees may suffer the same fate! Ha roo!
Hope you liked your Sunday Salute!
Tail wags,

Dakota said...

There's nothing like a good tree limb to pass the time. Huskies everywhere are going to be envious...


IndyPindy said...

Ooooh, I love tree limbs! I love to drag them around the yard! Hope you find some tasty squirrels!

Anonymous said...

Bring a lot of them in the house--they can be a good supplemental tool to the claw--even better will be to bring whatever moves in over the winter in the house. Tell your boys to pee on the pile a lot--the human woman will like that (it might be kind of hard for you to pee on it, but if you can, even better)

Khady Lynn said...

While the human woman is trying to put them into one pile, be sure you take apart her one pile, and spread them all around the yard, so there will be LOTS of piles. That will keep her extra busy. Also be sure to chew up as much as you can into very small pieces, which will be even harder for her to pick up. The busier she is outside, the more time YOU will get to spend outside!


Jack & Moo said...

Woah, we're getting limb envy! That's a masterpiece, don't move a thing! Good luck with the small tasty animals moving in - it'll be like a smorgasboard right in your own backyard!

JustMeCopper said...

If a squirrel moves in and you can catch it, go to Hershey's blog so you cna get some good recipes. Really, she cooked a squirrel.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with those limbs! Don't forget where they are! My friend, Buddy, got a similar toy this week, and when he ran around the corner, he ran right into a limb! He had to have surgery to remove the limb from inside his nose! OK, Buddy is kind of a clumsy dork, while you are not, but you might tell the others!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky, you get all the good stuff. Our wood piles are way in the back of our yard where we can't get to them and or the little critters that may be living in them. We did get to rip a bunny in half a few weeks back, the stupid thing came in our fenced in yard, whats a Sibe to do?!

JustMeCopper said...

Came back smelling like a Pet cemetary? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

So many limbs, so little time. Chew on one for us!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

sean said...

Whoa Meeshka! That's a big pile of toys! At first, I didn't realize how big it was until I finally realized you were in the picture and saw how small and dainty you look in comparison.


Anonymous said...

Hey Meeshka... I've been having lots of fun reading your blog. I especially love your accounts of driving the humans insane! And just between you and me, I just don't know what dogs are thinking, showing the humans our blogs. Whose benefit are we blogging for anyway?! I tell you, it's hard to bring about change for the under dogs these days!! Keep up the good work! And don't worry, I sometimes have to wear a raincoat as well. Sigh!