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It has come to my attention that some huskies are NOT being fed enough! There are some humans that think that their huskies should only be fed when the humans feel they should be fed, and they're only getting fed ONCE A DAY!

Are you kidding me? Do you humans eat just once a day? No, I think not. I see my human woman stuffing her face with some kind of food or another all the time, and on weekends its a regular gourge fest for her. Snacks, chips, those tasty goldfish crackers (which she's been very sneaky about, since she knows we'll demand our fair share), chocolate, ice cream, meats, vegetables (she can keep the vegetables).

Granted, she does feed us three times a day, and a bed time snack, but what's with this once a day thing for some? Its totally unfair and undogly to slop out ONE portion of food per day. We're HUSKIES! We have high metabolisms. Our sensitive stomachs get all oogie when we don't get enough to eat. How can these human expect us to maintain all of our fluffiness off of one paltry meal per day?

It is time we slipped this leash of oppression and demanded with the almight CLAW the respect and food we deserve. Rise up and demand your food, and if they hold up those opposable thumbs to show you their might... claw it off!

(daylight savings time my fluffy butt, I know when its time to eat, I don't need no stinking clock... its time to eat when I SAY ITS TIME TO EAT)


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Yes well. If *certain huskies* would learn not to poo-tsunami all over the kitchen floor in the middle of the night when allowed to eat anytime they please, we humans might just trust you with the bottomless food bowl. (I'm not naming any names, but his initials are Polar.) Until that happens: very very sad for huskies who don't have any thumbs!

  2. Meeshka,

    Rise up for dachsies too! We get fed only twice a day but we are willing to go to three meals a day if it will help your cause.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  3. What?! You got the human trained to feed you 3 times a day?! How did you do that? Although we get rather generous servings of treats all day... we only get ONE meal. We had no idea until now that we were so abused. Hrumph!

  4. We get two meals a day with a low fat cookie right after breakfast (mom gives it to us to lure us up to bed after she's worked all night so she's got someone to cuddle with) and then we get another cookie in the afternoon when she wakes up.

    Plus, we get apple slices once a day for a snack and all the green beans we can handle. Every so often, she'll throw in fresh broccoli florets (yummy) or cauliflower and smetimes carrots. We LOVE our veggies! They're nice and crunchy.

    Hope you can snag another meal though. It stinks having a hungry tummy. Then we hafta resort to chewing up things for revenge, like mom's pink leather purse (that was a fun one) or some shoes or maybe the cushion off the sofa!

    Hugs, Kel

  5. Hey Meeshka,

    Maybe you should try my Eating Time clock that I invented recently - seems to have worked for us so far.


  6. The Army of Four gets 3 square meals a day, snacks throughout the day, and a bed time snack. If we don't, you know what Meeshka said about high metabolisms? Well, and an empty tummy in the morning means we're doing the horka-horka-hork! That can be avoided by demanding that your bipeds feed you three times a day. No leaving the bowl down stuff - they need to serve you three times a day. You deserve it. And you need to have your bipeds on a more disciplined routine! Structure and order! C'mon, who's in charge, you or the bipeds? Take charge, puppers! Stand up for your rights!
    And in addition to the weather control device we put on our blog, we're trying to get a time-control one, too. Dave is NOT happy that chow call has been an hour late repeatedly since Saturday!
    Tail wags,
    PS: Meeshka, count us in on any HULA actions regarding this matter.

  7. Harr, count me in on any uprising. Ye got the makings of a good pirate Matey Meeshka.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate.

  8. Anonymous11:15 AM

    i only get 3/4 of a cup of dry dog food once a day. but mom recently started putting some warm water in in it and I LOVE IT!! i have never had people food. but i get a treat every time i poop outside! cause i used to like to poop inside. i didn't know dogs could each such wonderful things such as meat and veggies and eat THREE times a day! i think i need to call dr. phil, i am being abused. HULA come to my rescue, this 10 lb. dachsie needs it!

  9. Meeshka,
    You are so right! My humans feed me twice a day. I also get snacks in my treat dispensing toys.

    Huskies do tend to have sensitive stomachs, and if we only eat once a day, the stomach acid can make us feel sick. Silly humans!

  10. Hey Meeshka,
    We sometimes get to eat a small meal in the mornings, if we act really hungry, and dad decides to feed us. But mostly we eat one meal a day in the evenings. But, considering a couple of us are a little, ummm, chunky, one meal a day is all the vet says we need. But we get canned and dry mixed together, so it's really yummy. Plus, those of us a little on the "chunky" side get greenbeans with our food. Helps fill us up, and is good "diet" food! But I'm all for 3 meals a day! Count me in on the uprising! Can I be an honorary HULA member, even though I'm a Malamute?? Please??

  11. HULA come help me! I get the same rotten treatment as Hershey.... about 3/4 cup of dry dog food once a day. I don't even get warm water on mine! I do get a cookie treat in the morning and another as payment for going in the dreaded "I don't want to be locked up AGAIN" kitchen. But that's it. I din't know I was so abused.


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