Friday, November 24, 2006

What's a Husky To Do?

I wanted to clarify something that the human woman has been spreading around. She claims that I wake her up every morning JUST to steal her spot on the bed. She's so delusional. After all, I have her trained to scooch over to the very middle of the bed to allow me enough room for my fluffiness. Why on earth would I wake her up to take what I already have.

No, you see, the human woman is very lazy. If I let her, she'd sleep all day and all night. In the mornings, I actually let her get a small nap in after she gets up in the early morning to feed us, so I don't know what she has to complain about.

The reason I wake her up in the mornings, and then immediately take her spot on the bed is so she doesn't crawl BACK into bed and then its even harder to get her up again. She thinks I'm doing it to steal her spot, when in fact I'm doing her a favor and making sure she gets up to do the things she needs to do in the house, like feed me kleenex, and scratch my belly, and give me cool water, and take me out, let me in, take me out, let me in, take me out, etc.

So, just wanted to clear that up.

Today she was gone ALL DAY doing something for homeless northern breed potential HULA dogs. We stayed home with the human man, but he was very sick today. Barely got out of bed, but somehow found the strength to get up and feed us our lunch (he better had, sick or not, we need lunch). When she got home a HALF HOUR AFTER OUR NORMAL FEEDING TIME, we were very demanding. Something about that turkey that makes you crave it on a regular schedule. She made up to us for being gone all day and gave us an extra helping in our food, which we thanked her for with a claw.

I'm sure after being gone all day she'll want to go to bed early. That means (sigh) I'll have to work really hard at getting her up tomorrow.

(my work is never done)


  1. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Your mom is lucky to have you. You are a giant among dogs.

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hey Meeshka!
    I like to get my mom up in the middle of the night. She takes me out front so I can listen to my friends, the coyotes sing. I make a half-hearted attempt to lift my leg ... sometimes I do more. Only if I feel like it, of course. Then when we get back in, I like to dive into where she left the covers peeled back in the bed. She seems to really appreciate it if I have damp feet. She also seems to let me stay there and goes to sleep on the couch. It's hard work on my part - but it is most effective at 0200.
    Play bows,

  3. Anonymous11:14 PM


    You should really try to talk your humans into getting a doggie door. We love ours! And, that way we can go in and out and not bother our humans. Only time it's not a good thing is if we are outside barking at something, and that wakes the humans up. This happens more to dad cuz he sleeps during the day than mom, but there are those times we find something to yell at in the middle of the night!