Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Really Sucked - A tribute to Tara and all of those who crossed

I think after we take over the world we need to stop marking time by the human calendar and just take every dog day one at a time.

While I was busy in my own little drama of Sammy Spine, poor Tara passed away from something that can’t be explained, or expected, and in some cases, can’t be fixed by the humans. Sam’s “incident” also cannot be explained, expected, and in some cases can’t be fixed by humans, but we are lucky that his could be fixed.

I think this is an important lesson for all humans. They need to live in dog time. Dog time has no calendars, schedules, expected arrival times, expected meeting places. Dog time is whatever happens when it happens. We don’t dread work tomorrow, we don’t worry about a meeting, we don’t plan ahead and make lists of things we HAVE to do that day, we just are.

We play when we want to, we enjoy what we can, we live for that moment and that moment alone, and we love with every fluff of our being.

Although our plans for our practice “take over the world” went horribly wrong when Sam was injured, I think, sometimes, that we already rule the world. I also feel bad for the humans in that they grieve so hard for us when we go, suffer without sleep when we don’t feel good, and work so hard to give us everything we’d ever want and need.

I think that in 2007 we need to concentrate on those who don’t know the love of a pet. We stand a better chance at world domination if we show others what its like to love a pet so much that they don’t care about wars, or robbing, or doing bad things. If everyone had a pet, they would be more inclined to want nothing bad to happen in the world so their pet is safe, and happy, and well fed. The more pets that the humans have, the better chance we’ll have at making the world a much nicer place for everyone, everydog, every fu-fu.

I’m leaving Tara’s link up for others to read about her. She was here, she made her mark in this world, and she has things to teach the humans still... so go visit, read, learn.

If that doesn’t work, then we need to rip apart the couch again.

(its early, my fluff is matted, but I got to lick the Sammy meal making bowl)


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    That's beautiful, Meeshka, and quite profound.

  2. Meeshka, that's a grand idea. I'm buying The Mom a dog time wrist thingy now. Wait, even better, I'm hiding her wrist thingy and giving her kisses to keep her here with me.

    Dakota (did you know there's a wrist thingy company named after me?)

  3. Anonymous2:02 PM

    You are very wise Meeshka--that must be why you are queen. I wish both of my people could follow your advice (one of them does a pretty good job, but the other one has pretty far to go).

    I hope Sam is feeling better and had his poo and all---it is so hard on the humans when we don't feel good.

  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    You are very wise Meeshka. And I will read Tara's blog, I've never visited it before.