Finally the humans go back to work

Its about FREAKIN time the humans went back to work. I swear, I thought I was never going to get more morning and lunch time kong treats ever again.

They actually got up when we wanted to get up instead of hitting that stupid snooze alarm thing and telling us to wait. They don’t realize that when the alarm goes off, so do our bladders. Its a timing thing. We know the alarm sounds, bladders need to empty. Tomorrow morning I’m going to block their white drinking bowl with my body and we’ll see what they think about snooze alarm then.

So, at puppy duty time, instead of coming to let us out first, us able-bodied can pee quickly pups, they went down and got Sammy out first. Oh come on! It takes him forever to pee now! He gets 10 minutes outside 4 times a day, so we had to wait a whole 10 minutes to go out. Then we got a hurried lunch, meanwhile as we’re eating our slapped together lunch, she’s mashing and mixing and preparing a gourmet feast for Sam, of which we got NOTHING.

The human woman got home a bit early and she let only me and the gimpy mutatoe out. We got to lounge on the deck for the rest of the afternoon until it was food time, so that was nice. We did get some tasty treats in our food this time (about time), and then Sammy got some human quality time. Apparently he pood yet AGAIN and from the human woman’s description, it was impressive. Of course, she cleaned it up before letting us out, so we didn’t get to sample it or anything.

So, its pretty boring around here. We can’t play in the house, or make noise or do anything destructive. I’ve been doing my best to be fluffy and cute and behaving, but its very hard. I actually went and clawed the human man, just for something to do. He didn’t like that actually, so I feel that I’ve done at least one “bad” thing for the day.



  1. It is so hard being good and careful around a gimpy. It is a good thing you are experienced. When Sammy is all better, you should get lots of petting and treats.

  2. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Just remember to save up the "bad" and you can really let lose once Sammy is all well. Then you can REALLY make the humans pay!


  3. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Oh poor Meeshka. I hope something fun happen today so that you wont be too bored.

    ~ fufu

  4. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I am glad to know that somebody else occassionaly samples the "leftovers" you can find in the yard. It grosses my Mother out sooooo much.

  5. Anonymous1:24 AM

    My mom went back to work today, and she said to tell you that several people have commented on how cute and fluffy you are on her wall calendar!

  6. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I've only been away for a couple of weeks but look at all the news I've missed (most of which I would rather continue to not hear about). Heres to Sam feeling better and Tara running free over the bridge.


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