New Blogger

Ok everyhusky, blogger just told me to go to the new blog, so I clawed the human woman into doing it.

It asked her some questions, and I had to remind her what to answer. Then it sat there for a while, and then said, ok, I'm done and ... it looks almost the same. Dashboard is a bit different, but I don't see anything amazing or totally awesome about it.

I'm just relieved that it didn't take all of my beautiful fluffy pictures and throw them away, or garble my words of wisdom. I'm still very sceptic of this thing.

Meeshka (posting more later, just making sure this thing works right)


  1. Looks totally cool to me Meeshka! Stupid Humans think they can get away with so much! Of course we can tell the difference between messing around in the kitchen and actually getting the good foods out.


  2. Howcome it ate my links and my codie things that Da Sister did for me and your looks just fine?? In the name of T-Wolf --it's STUPID!!!

  3. New blogger isn't too bad. But, it does still have some of the same annoying issues as the old one!



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