Sunday, January 21, 2007

Its About Freakin Time!

FINALLY we're getting snow!

The humans let us out through the downstairs door because they're afraid we'll slip and fall down the deck stairs (they're so silly), and we got to check out Sam's palatial new crate. It use to be MY crate back when I was a puppy, but then the other interlopers came and there wasn't room in the bedroom for my big estate, so I got a small crate... harumpf.

When Sammy had his bionic hip put in, they used MY big crate for his recovery crate. Today the human woman put it together again for him. They think that he was so miserable because he was cooped up in such a small crate, so now he gets the big crate. They even put a nice cover on the top and a cardboard box on the side so its like his own little den. Because the medication he's getting makes him drink and pee a lot, they didn't want him to have an accident in the crate (like he's had for the past few days) and then he'd be forced to lay in his pee. Gee, that's nice of them. With the big crate, if he does have an accident, there's still room for him to lay down and not roll around in pee.

Anyway, back to me... the human woman let us out in the snow and tried to get us to play in it. The suck up gimpy mutatoe was more than happy to dance and run around like an idiot, but all I wanted to do was lay in the comfy coolness of the snow, and eat some of it. Its very tasty. She snapped some pics of us in the snow and then let us inside again. We got to see Sam this time, and now he's very angry and wants out to play in the snow with us.

I have no idea why the human woman let us in, because I was perfectly happy sitting out there and getting a dusting of snow in my fluffiness. I clawed some sense into her, and she let us out on the deck to lay in the snow, but she blocked the stairs so we couldn't fall down them (like we're idiots or something).

So, its snowing, and might turn into ice later. We'd better not lose power or anything, the humans get all bent out of shape when that happens and they they try to use me to suck all the warmth from my fluff.

(better keep snowing, I'm a husky for crying out loud)


  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    meeshka, i am so happy for you that it snowed! i am only getting freezing rain and i DON'T LIKE IT! i like to stay inside and keep cozy and warm. maybe if you made us dachsies sweaters out of your fluffiness that your mom gets when she furminates you we could keep warm. now there is an idea! warm queen meeshka coats for all! we would be so regal, honored, and warm...

  2. I'm so happy you finally got some snow!! We got 6 more inches here and had a great time laying in it all day. The human woman kept wanting us to come in. Apparently she doesn't realize we LIKE laying in it and it doesn't make us cold like it does her. Stupid humans!


  3. That makes me cold just looking at it! Brrrrr! But I am not fluffy like you!

  4. YEA! We got snow, too! Isn't it great!?!?

  5. Your fluffiness in the snow looks so majestic, Meeshka. Congratulations on the snow.

  6. Lay in the snow? I would not like walking in the snow, never mind laying in it! You huskies are weird. Give me a blanket and a warm sunspot anyday.

  7. You are truly very fluffy Queen M.

    We in Border Collie land also got snow and are loving playing in it. Except for Agent Renzo, who is neither a Border Collie nor a Husky and thus does not have an appropriate double coat.


  8. Meeshka, you do look very grand laying there. ;)

    ~ fufu