Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sammy Update for 2 January 2007

Just wanted to send a quick note along that Sammy finally pooped today. The humans marked it on the calendar, sent out cards to their friends, and called everyone they knew and told them that Sammy pooped. I’m very surprised that they didn’t take pictures of it, perhaps frame it with a little plaque.

Not that I’m jealous and actually I’m quite happy that he’s feeling good enough for the ol squat and go, its just that I’m not the center of attention lately. Yes, I know that I have to be good and fluffy, and comforting, and a good Shmoo... its just so hard after being a complete fluffy bitch all these years to be comforting, and fluffy, and good.

I do know that it is fun playing on that deck. I can’t wait until the human man sees all the little claw marks on the decking, I’m sure he’ll be very pleased with that. I’ve actually chased the gimpy suck up mutatoe around the yard a few times, and for some reason I’m surprisingly regular in my poo. It must be from all of the fun exercise I’m getting on the deck.

Apparently the humans have to go to the work place tomorrow. I know they aren’t looking forward to it, but frankly, all they do is sit in the room with all of the computers when they are home, so its not like they’re a bundle of party energy or anything. I’m looking forward to me usual kong treat, and my naps.

(saving the world, one nap at a time)


  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Great news on Sammy. Meeshka, why is the deck a new place for you to be? I am trying to understand the geography there.

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    You are being so totally humble while Sammy is healing. I do believe if you keep this up, an award of some sort will be in order!

    And, at the very least, lots of food you aren't usually allowed to eat!


  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Great news about Sam! Our bipeds study our poops like they're the most fascinating things around.
    Check out my post about the Cats - between us and Pippin, I think we've identified a real problem. Spy cat infiltrators. You need to know, as the HULA Hoop leader.
    PS: See? I can be a good HULA guy! I'M not the one trying to make friends with the kitty!!!