Monday, January 15, 2007

Got Some Attention Today

The human man was sick today, so the human woman had to take care of Sam, take care of us, work, go someplace and work, come back and do more work, and she’s about ready to go off the deep end.

To help her along, I’ve been a fluffy good girl. I only clawed once or twice on the kitchen door to be let in, I clawed her leg ONCE today (but she deserved it), I’ve demanded my food but only because she was 2 minutes late with feeding us. I even stood prettily for her while she took pictures of me.

Just to give her a laugh, I even chased the gimpy mutatoe around the yard and ran a bit, that always makes her smile.

Sammy sent us a bit of pee mail today in the yard. He says he’s doing fine, but he’s sick of the crate and will do just about anything to get the humans to leave him out for longer periods of time so he can lay on the soft, stinky human woman jacket. Today he screamed and woo’d and woo’d and woo’d some more. The humans didn’t fall for it, although he did get a two hour out of the crate relaxing and attention time from the human man after they fed and pilled him. He says the pills tasty yucky too.

I have some HULA applications that I’ll be posting in the next day or two. Man are they good ones too. Hehehe. You guys are good, I really appreciate your keeping my spirits up with all of the devious things you come up with to drive your humans insane. Until Sam is back on all 4 feet, I have vowed to be nice to the humans, and therefore can’t do anything fun until then. This is a bummer for me, I’m just itching to rip up a couch or something.



  1. Meeshka, you are looking especially fluffy and beautiful in this picture!

  2. Meeshka,

    I'm very proud of you for trying to be good, and nice to your humans while they wait for Sammy to heal. It show that you are truly the coolest, and fluffiest Sibe Queen out there!

    That is why we follow you so devotedly! (is that a word?)


  3. I'm glad you were nice to your human woman. My mom says she feels sorry for your poor human woman. She knows what it is like to have to do everything.

  4. Oh, wow. Ditto what the Tube=ster said!
    Play bows,
    PS: Stop by and see our blog! I've gone under cover!

  5. Nice picture, you are one stunning husky! Glad that Sam is feeling better. He'll really be ready to rip around when he finally gets cut loose! Darn and drat, our human misplaced all our notes so she could type up our HULA application. *sigh* one of these days...

    Star & Sherms

  6. Awwww, poor Sammy. And your poor human woman! She must be ready to pull her hair out! Good for you for being a good girl and taking it easy on her Meeshka!

    Can't wait to see those HULA application stories!

  7. If your Mom does pull her hair out as Indy suggests, will you loan her some of yours Meeshka? You are so fluffy, I bet you have some to spare.

    By the way, how do your huskies get one blue eye and one brown one? It is so fetching.

    Hope Sam is better soon. What does the Dr say?

  8. I keep reading about you clawing your humans, so I have decided to start clawing my humans. It is best when they are in the process of making dinner but not moving quickly enough or giving enough to me. Thank you for the advice. I will give Mama an extra claw just for you.