Saturday, January 13, 2007

Human Freak Out

So, last night the humans were in a pretty good mood. I was getting attention, the suck up mutatoe was getting attention, and sure, sickly spine Sam was getting attention too. They even used the phone thing to call and have someone bring food in little white boxes. Loki and I waited near the door. We like the little white box delivery guy, even though we never see him, but he brings the little white boxes and sometimes we get stuff.

So, the phone thing rang. We hoped it wasn’t the little white box guy saying he couldn’t come. Oh no, it was apparently the guy that removed Sam’s spine was calling to say that Sam’s blood work up was a bit wonky. He wanted them to run out and get him more pills for him to take because his platelets were low. I know on good authority that Spineless Sam doesn’t have platelets, but he does have a food bowl, so I have no idea what the heck they were talking about. Whatever it was, the humans started keening and running around and totally going nuts. We stayed out of their way, because we didn’t want to get run over or anything. They were actually fun to watch.

The little white box guy finally came, and the humans hardly ate any of their food, but did they bother to give it to us instead? No. The human man left, then came back with more treats for Sam. They went downstairs and spent a lot of time with him trying to get him to eat. We’ve got a deal going on like we had with old guy-guy Nova, where the humans make all these really tasty foods, and Sam won’t eat them, so Suck-up and I get them. Its a pretty sweet deal actually. I woo’d down to Sam to let him know that the humans were freaking out about his food bowl or some sort of dinnerware issue, so he knew to really lay on the pathetic. He did. It worked like magic and we were the recipients of Sammy’s left over tasties.

They took him out and celebrated another poo event. I was expecting them to cram him back in his crate and give me a little ME time, but they stayed down there with him for the longest time. I stomped my delicate little feet, and woo’d and made all sorts of noises, but they ignored me. Sigh. Finally the human woman came up and tried to bribe our love with a crappy pup-a-roni, which I took, but I glared at her. She also tried to play with us in the yard, but I’m not falling for that “oh, lets give them some time now” crap. Loki didn’t fall for it either (and usually he’s a sucker for that), he just ran back up the deck and peed on it.

After some covert woo speak, Sammy told us that the humans said that his blood platelet count was low, which could be from the surgery, from the medicines he just finished, or from a thing called Lyme disease. He did have a big oogie tick on his head about a month ago. So they’re just treating him for that to make sure everything is ok. He’s quite upset that he just got done taking three pills a day, now he has to take 4 pills a day. He hates taking pills, where I just sit pretty, let her shove it down my throat and then I get a treat. No sense fighting it, the human woman will keep trying so might as well get it over with and get something for the effort.

So far today, the human woman has been sharing her croissant with us. She was simply amazed that she could sneak into the kitchen while we slept and make coffee and mess around in there without disturbing us... but the moment we hear that ziplock bag opening... we’re in there for croissant.



  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    To Meeshka's Mom - Praying for Sam and for you. Sorry you are under so much stress. I hope you can get him well.

    Meeshka - Watch those croissants, they can make you so fluffy you won't be able to keep up with Sam when he gets better.

  2. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Wowzers! I hope Sam's plates get better. Can you put them in the dishwasher or something?
    Play bows,
    PS: Stormy smacked me on the head and Amber said to tell you we're praying for Sam, too. Uh... and Dave said to tell you "woo".

  3. Anonymous11:14 PM

    With you woo-ing to him, Sammy will get better in no time at all. Certainly you can take care of those plates for him. Poor Sammy has to take more pills. No amount of treat makes up for having to take pills even if you are good about taking them.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Things certainly stay interesting at your house! Poor Sam, that's a lot of pills every day! I manage to resist slightly, just to retain some dignity, than swallow them quickly. The after-pill treats are usually extra-special. Please woo our sympathies to Sam.

  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    We're sending boxer healing vibes to Sammy.

  6. Bummer! Sure hope poor Sammy is better soon. What an ordealf or the little guy!

    At least you are getting croissants!