Sam's Big Climb

Its certainly been an interesting day so far. In a fit of husky, while the human woman was up fixing our breakfast, Sam managed to pull down the baby gate downstairs and run up the stairs to the landing. Suck up mutatoe and I just sat and watched the fun as the human woman ran down the stairs to stop him. He was so proud of his accomplishment, and we applauded. That certainly got the human woman awake, but now Sam has lost his unattended downstairs privileges, and he got locked in the crate when nobody is down there. I’m sure he’ll find some other way to drive them insane, but it was so worth it after seeing the look of horror on the human woman’s face.

Mutatoe has found a weakness in the fencing yesterday, and he’s been working pretty hard to dig under it. The human woman sees it, covers it back up, Mutatoe digs again, human woman covers it up. Its only a matter of time before we succeed in an escape, although I have a feeling that the human woman will do something about this hole. Its pretty big, kinda hard to hide.

Guilt is a wonderful thing, and it just keeps getting rewarded! Today we’ve had human cookies, croissant, tons of treats just for doing what the human woman wants, we’ve been scratched, petted, played with, and generally sucked up to by both the human woman and man. We need to keep up the pathetic act, its really going well.

According to the human woman, its suppose to snow tomorrow night. Yeah right. It also may be icy rain, which has the human woman freaking out about us slipping and falling down the deck steps. Those steps are bit slippery when wet, so hopefully my razor sharp nails will keep me from falling, but the suckup gimpy mutatoe doesn’t stand a chance getting a grip with his pathetic little weenie nails. I wonder if this means we’ll get to go outside the normal way, and get closer to Sammy? Hmmm, that might be very interesting!

We’re still trying to keep up with his pee mail, which is getting hard to read because apparently the humans are drugging him to keep him calm. That hasn’t worked very well actually, as he’s been down there dutifully complaining and whining all day. He was very proud of his knocking down the baby gate and running up the stairs. He even avoided all of the pee pads the human woman put down and peed on the carpet and she didn’t yell at him or anything. We continue to get the same goodies that he gets in his food, which is really cool, and he said that they were going to go out and get some stuff to try to keep him occupied in his crate. He told us that he wasn’t going to like some of it, so that we’d get it. He’s so nice sometimes. Actually much nicer since he’s hurt himself, or maybe that’s because I don’t have to step over him to get down the hall, or move him because he’s in my bed spot. Its hard to tell.

(still not looking at you, and stop looking at me)