My Boring Life

I'm trying very hard to be good... really I am. Its just so very hard when you are so use to being the center of the human universe, and being scratched all the time when you demand it. Its so bad around here that I haven't had ANY tasty kleenex in a long time!

Today was typical. Humans spending time with that gimpy Sam. He even got to leave the house again. When he came back and the humans had left, he told us that he went back to that clinic place again and had more blood drawn. Apparently the humans think that the plates are in his blood and they hope to see more plates when they get these results back. I would think that if all they wanted was more plates, they could go to a store and buy them!

Sammy didn't get to go for a swim, but I heard the humans talking about taking him for swims later. I wonder if they would take me for a swim sometime. I have no idea if fluff is bouyant or not, perhaps I would just sink to the bottom with all of my wet fluffiness.

The human woman did spend some more time with us today. Apparently the human man had Sam guard duty. He's been doing silly things like trying to push the gate aside to run up the stairs, and he's actually managed to pee in the house and the humans let him! This is quite a HULA accomplishment for him, I'm very proud.

So, I chose to ignore the human woman today. Refused to get out of my crate when she called to me. Glared at her until she bribed me with a treat, then I took the treat and flounced off. That got me a used kleenex because she was so upset that I was upset, she wanted to make me happy. I tried not to laugh when I took my goody, I didn't want her to see that I was pleased with getting what I wanted. She's really tried to suck up to me tonight, but I'm being aloof and stand-offish. I'm guessing I'll get a lot of goodies out of this.

(no, I'm not even going to look at you)


  1. You GO Girl! Lay on the guilt, make them feel worse than they already do, and continue to work on driving them totally over the edge of insanity. By then end of this Sammy recouperation thing, you will be in charge of the refrigerator!


  2. You are pure evil! Hee hee hee!

  3. Milk it for all it's worth! Guilt is a great human motivator. And they get especially worried when you ignore them. Lovely photo, you are at your brooding-fluffiness best.
    Star & Sherman
    P.S., while I've never been swimming, I'm guessing from bath times that fluffiness is not buoyant. -Star

  4. Pout, Meeshka, pout!

  5. You are an expert pouter Meeshka! Don't forget the importance of sighing when you don't get your way!

  6. Meeshka, I've been DO you stay so fluffy?


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