Thursday, January 04, 2007

Quick Sammy update

I’m very tired, so here’s the scoop:

eating, drinking, peeing, annoying, sucking away all of my attention, and yet I’m still being a cute and fluffy husky.

I hate to tell the human man, but he’s not getting his side of the bed back ever. We claim that side of the bed since he’s clearly abandoned it, in the name of HULA!

(being fluffy ALL the time is oh so very tiring)


  1. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Hey Meeshka. Glad to hear that you'll still a cute and fluffy husky.

    ~ fufu

  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    You totally have every right to claim that side of the bed. Finders keepers, losers weepers! Sounds like he's the loser to me. Therefore, the only possible answer is IT'S YOURS!

    Gooooooooooo HULA!!


  3. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I forgot to tell you, I have had the human woman proudly display the HULA bumper sticker she purchased from you on her car.

    Now everyone in Omaha will know the take-over is coming!

    Your loyal servant,

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    It's only fair!
    Tail wags,

  5. It sounds like Sammy still has HULA in mind, luring the man away from the big bed.

  6. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Meeshka, can we see a picture of Sammy in his crate so we can have a visual and know where all of your well deserved attention is going to ... instead of you?

    Oh, Ivy needs a picture of you for her game. I am trying to figure out how to get the pixels right on picture right now.