No End To the Possibilities

We’ve discovered a new game today in the series of “drive the humans insane”. Its called: get Sam riled up, then take a nap. Oh, its ever so much fun. Suck up gimpy mutatoe and I take turns making a loud noise, such as a bark, or woo, or a thump. This gets Sammy all riled up in his recovery crate, so he’ll start wooing, or howling, or scratching, or whining. Then, while he’s all riled up and making noise, we go someplace quiet and take a nap. We’ve done this ALL DAY! We even at one point had a howl fest between the three of us. It was very pretty.

It doesn’t take all that much to get him riled up because he’s feeling really good now. He continues to refuse food, or eat slowly, or scrape the bowl with his nose and pretend like he doesn’t want it, then as the humans take it away, he’ll want it again. They set the bowl down, he’ll push it away with his nose, they’ll take it, he wants it. Its just so much fun.

He warns us when they’re coming up the stairs, usually with their hands full, so we can charge the gate and freak them out. Then we’ll ask to go out, then demand to come back in, then ask to go out, then come back in. Sometimes we’ll act all playful and the human woman will get her shoes on and come down into the yard and we’ll sit there and stare at her. Oh, this is fun once we figured out a way to drive them nuts!

I’m a little miffed about the fact that the human woman went downstairs and let him out of his recovery crate and lay on the floor with him and watched Oprah (not Opy, who is named after Oprah), which is my favorite tv show. I love Oprah. I stomped my feet and got Sam riled up for that.

The human woman assures me that she’ll take some pictures soon. As she’s the main sling bearer, giver of pills, taker of the temperature and feeder, she’s run pretty ragged, especially by our antics and with worry.

I do think that she’s about to lose it soon though, and I hope to be able to get the camera down from the desk when that happens. I’ll post those pictures for everyone.

(hey, Sam’s been quiet for a whole 10 minutes, I think I’ll woo and wake him up)


  1. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Meeshka, take care of your Mom. She is strssed and needs you fluffiness right now.

  2. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Try not to be too mischivious! You don't want the human woman going insane. Then you never know what will happen, and you might end up missing a few meals!

    My Sam is under the weather too. He has to wear the dreaded shirt! Stop over at my blog and take a look at his humiliation caught on camera. When the vet told my human woman to put a shirt on Sam, she laughed out loud, cuz all she could think of was YOU!!


  3. Meeshka, you are BAAAAD! I learn so much from you!! :)
    - Charlie

  4. Anonymous2:21 AM

    You three are an impressive force of frustration!

  5. Anonymous3:36 PM

    And there are still those who question if you can take over the world?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  6. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Your creativity shines once again Meeshka! Wonderful suggestions, we'll have to give some of those a try.


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