Its So NOT About Me Lately

This whole Sammy spine recovery is totally eating into my ME time here at the house. I'm about ready to pack my bags and move out to someplace where gimpies don't always get all of the attention.

Oh, sure, he's a good gimpy, I love him and all (don't tell him that), but good grief, the human woman spends a lot of time downstairs with him, and the human man spends a lot of time with him, and we just sit upstairs and look down on them while Sammy is getting all sorts of goodies, and petting, and attention, and gets to pick which shows he watches on tv, and gets the yard all to himself. Its like the suck up mutatoe and I are second class huskies around here.

He's been getting more time out of his crate too, but only if one of the humans is down there with him. He's been sleeping on a jacket down there that he finds comforting (so he says) and now complains very loudly when they put him back in the crate. This is the human woman's interpretation of what he looks like in the crate:

He does look about that pathetic I imagine.

Today's excitement was... nothing. There was nothing really exciting going on, other than the human woman calling picking my matted po-po hair "quality time" with me. She can't just scratch my belly, or just admire my fluffiness, or even take pictures of my beauty, no, she has to pick my matted po-po hairs. Ok, I wouldn't have matted po-po hair if she would spend more time with me and not Sammy. Ok, so I would still have matted po-po hair if she spent more time with us, as I don't like my po-po hair touched, but still.

She did share croissant with us, and not that crappy croissant that she bought recently, like she would fool us with substandard croissant. No, they went out and bought a whole bunch of the ultra tasty Costco croissant (Costco croissant, the choice of everyhusky), and shared with us. THAT was the highlight of our day. The rest of the time was spent napping, out on the deck, napping, yapping at Sam to shut up, or watching Sam get attention.

I yearn for the days of riccochet bed, and racing around the yard, or getting fed normally, and getting my proper attention. Ok, fine, I'm jealous, and I'm being ignored. Stupid Sammy has his plates being low (whatever that means). Maybe I'll find some of my own plates and put them low or whatever. Just as long as they don't shave me like dork spine boy.

(I get no respect)


  1. Poor mistreated Meeshka. We feel sorry for you. It must be awful to be ignored when your fluffiness needs attention.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. Just count yourself lucky you are not the one locked in the cage all the time, with no other doggies to talk to or play with.

    Just remember YOU have the run of the house and poor Sammy is only getting small human time. You can still sleep on the humans head when she is up there!! That has to count for something!


  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    i respect you meeshka! you are our HULA queen! remind your mother that you are the leader of a powerful organization!

  4. Poor Sammy looks so sad. Be nice to Sammy!


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