Saturday, April 21, 2007

Congratulations to these new HULA Members

Our HULA operatives on the “other side of the pond” are really busy lately!

Operation “Get Your Head Stuck in Something” is really paying off in the press, as members Scarlet and Keano clearly demonstrate (click on their names to see evidence of their HULA spirit).

While we encourage all HULA members to be as destructive, devious, escaping, and bothersome as possible, we feel that there’s nothing as good as having fire rescue teams, reporters, and onlookers gather to your human’s houses to watch a “rescue” in action. If it makes the press, even better!

We all know that Scarlet and Keano could have easily gotten out of their “stuck” positions any time they wanted to, but why bother when you can cause chaos and freaking out, along with sirens and rescue crews.

We’re very proud of our international members and we hope that we can only match their creativity when it comes to getting “stuck” in something.

Remember, don’t put yourself in danger, but try to be creative and make the internet.

As Scarlet and Keano are undercover (notice how their faces weren’t shown to protect their secret HULA agent identities) we will simply keep their HULA certificates on hand until they retire and can be recognized.

(Looking for something interesting to get my head “stuck” in)


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    ha roo roo roo ha roo roo roo ha roo roo roo...

    I especially LOVE when you said, "notice how their faces weren't shown to protect their secret HULA agent identities." Gotta LOVE both of these articles.

    Excellent HULA members!
    Hugs, Sitka

  2. Scarlet & Keano prove once again what interesting companions we make! Very creative!

  3. Soon Anton Philips from Hampshire's Fire and Rescue will have to stop saying that Huskies' head stuck in things is quite an unusual call. Hahaha!

  4. Nice work secret HULA agents