New HULA Member: Chase

1. I go ballistic whenever I see people on our walks. I scream and lunge,
and just generally act insane.

2. I hide in the yard and am really quiet. Mom comes running out there and
doesn't see me and thinks I've escaped. Hee hee!

3. Mom needs a new coffee table because I chewed on 2 corners. I also destroyed the shade tarps that are on the side of the runs...ripped them off in strips. There's more, but I won't list everything.
4. I just have to look at mom with my sweet, innocent expression, and she
melts and gives me treats.

5. Mom doesn't dress us up. :-(
6. Kamiko has this one covered. He picks up every kleenex he sees on our
walks. I'm too busy dragging mom to notice them.
Chase (mom almost strangled me this least she said she came
close to it)

Welcome to the HULA Hoop Chase. I have to say that your name is so appropriate for a husky, and I'm sure you live up to it :)



  1. Congratulations Chase! It looks like you really deserve it.

  2. Wow Chase, You are definately HULA material, Keep up the good work,
    Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  3. I love your teeth chase. very tough looking.

    Meeshka, I just read your gimpy dog site. You are very special to let not one but two gimpy dogs come live with you. Besides that, you work hard to help other gimpy dogs. It must be what makes you so fluffy and worthy of being the Queen.


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