Pet Food Recall is now insane!

Ok every husky (and dog and Fu-Fu) the pet food recall has gotten insane.

I just learned that the foods eaten by honorary HULA members Princess Leia and Polly Prissy Pants (yes, they’re cats, but they are truly evil and husky-like) were recalled today. They happen to be eating a brand that I and the gimpy mutatoes eat, which is Blue Buffalo.

The human woman is FRANTIC and PISSED!

Not only has the contaminated rice protein (the latest batch of poison from China) been distributed by the TON to pet food places, but only TWO of the companies that got this poison crap have come forward to admit that it was in their food. There are several other companies out there that haven’t said “hey, we got some too”, so what are they waiting for? Why don’t they come out, give the human consumers the option of switching to something else and err on the side of caution. NO, they are probably running tests to see if their stuff has the poison in it, THEN they will make their announcements, but how many poor animals will suffer and die while they test their food?

This is ridiculous!

We have about a week’s worth of our food left, which seems to be ok, as we show no signs of illness, but the human woman doesn’t trust the company. What if there was cross contamination, what if some idiot put the stuff in there and didn’t say anything, what if, what if????

Apparently we’ll be getting another type of food soon that doesn’t have ANY grains in it. Its called EVO and she’s also going to start doing some home cooking for us as well until this whole insane thing is sorted out, if it ever is.

I want your humans to start bombarding the FDA with phone calls (click on the link for a list of phone numbers) demanding full disclosure of ALL companies that received any shipments of ANYTHING from China, specifically from the supplier Wilbur-Ellis (I have just received an e-mail from Wilber-Ellis representatives who have stated that they have supplied the names of their customers to the FDA, so complain COMPLAIN to the FDA to release this information to the consumers!).

Make your woo heard, complain, demand, and tell them that we need action NOW, and while you’re at it, contact your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to force a change in the way our food is made!

(got my claws out now)


  1. Us kitties are getting EVO dry now and we like it pretty well. We are also eating Solid Gold Katz n Flocken dry. Mommy is going to try to make us some wet food. Our woofie is eating Merrick wet & dry and we will probably get him some EVO dry when he is done with his Canidae. Can't vouch for anything being safe anymore, but at least these don't have wheat gluten, rice protein, or corn gluten (they are starting to find problems with corn gluten too.) Good luck!

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    oh no :( my puppies love their Blue Buffalo and I was thinking about switching the cats to it too. When will this all end? If it were human food, heads would have rolled and the problem been solved long ago.

  3. Hu-mom switched us to Canidae - also grain free- about 2 weeks ago, just cause she wants to spend twice as much on our food. We're loving it. We got free samples at the Adotp-a-Husky Fall Husky Hike last year, so it's about time she got the message & switched. This whole pet food thing is riduculous, and we will demand she write some letters!

  4. I eat Blue Buff...Momma says she's gonna watch me like a hawk and that she's definitely checking the recall list before she goes to buy me Puppy Foods on Saturday. And she might even bombard the store clerk about it. Who knows...Momma is weird sometimes, but obviously not as INSANE as your Momma.

  5. Anonymous11:17 PM

    My mommy just got fed up with all the recalls and switched me to raw food, which I find way yummier, but that mommy says is a little more trouble to organise than just serving me kibble. I think that she shouldn't complain. I like it sooooo much better. I hated that yucky kibble.

  6. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Woo Meeshka! Mom read your post last night with me and went to the EVO site. Will you ask your mom to email my mom (if she does not do it first). We are confused because sometimes we find EVO listed as Innova EVO, yet on their Natura site, it seems that Innova and EVO are two different foods. ARUG Mom says.

    I agree with everyone - this is OUT OF HAND and I am sharpening my claws too!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  7. I eat the Blue Buff lite, which mom saw had that rice protein stuff in it so she tossed it, even though it was bought in March and I had over a half a bag left. She is not risking anything! Kona and Abby's Blue Buff senior doesn't have it, but she is going to stop feeding it too and get get some of the Canidae grain free. This is really pissing her off too and she plans to write the FDA a not-so-nice letter. These humans MUST know what is going on and it is time for the stupid government to get off their asses and tell them immediately!



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