Gunga Din


  1. Oh boy.. Meeshka, who invaded your water bowl?

    ~ fufu

  2. Meeshka, are you a cartoonist now? How do you do that?

  3. Sometimes I do that laying down and drinking thing, if I'm really tired, like after a long walk, and REALLY thirsty! Good thing we have water dispensers in 3 different rooms!


  4. Oh my dog. Mom is laughing so hard she can't breathe. Thrawn can't stand to drink anymore so he lays down just like that and he stays there FOREVER. The rest of us just stand in line waiting for him to move. We have other bowls in the house but he always picks the best ones.

    I think I might have to print this out to put on our magic food box if Meeshka says it's ok. :)

    Dot from The Brat Pack

  5. Meeshka,
    Kat drinks like that too. She rarely stands up to drink and sometimes when I want a drink as well, she growls at me so much that I'm afraid to even go in the kitchen. I feel bad for you.


  6. Dear Meeshka,
    Doesn't this seem like a perfect time to pile-drive his head into the ground/ water-bowl?

    Devious woos,

  7. I empathize, Meeshka. I am always last in line for water, and by the time I get there Ananya has backwashed into the dish.


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