Sunday, April 08, 2007

Productive Day

Today started out really well. Half asleep, the human woman came upstairs and I was able to perform the two footed claw on her. Got her real good on the arm, that woke her up fast. She didn't thank me at all, I mean come on, that was a much faster wake up than an alarm and coffee combined.

Chewed on some grass in the yard, ignored the mutatoe as he screamed and smacked me with his gimpy foot.

Ate some raw buffalo meat in my dinner. That was very tasty. I need to make sure the human woman puts that on the regular menu.

Chased a bird. Didn't try to catch it, just wanted to let it know that it was MY yard and to tell his annoying friends. We had two birds trying to build a nest under the deck, well within snack range, but for some reason (probably my laying directly under the spot while they tried to build the nest) they gave up and went somewhere else.

The human woman vacuumed up my fluffiness from the carpet, so I spent some time throwing more clumps down where it was clean. It looks much better now.

Was feeling pretty good about all I had accomplished, and then this:
He thinks he owns the stupid hallway, always laying right where I want to walk. He can't just lay in the middle of the floor somewhere, out of the way, no, he has to lay all sprawled in the hallway where I can't go in and see if the human man is eating something tasty.

I'm not going to let this ruin a perfectly good productive way. As soon as the human woman comes upstairs, I'll claw her again and make her wonder why.



  1. How nice of you to share your fluffy with your humans, even though they do not appear to appreciate it. And letting that bird go so he could spread the word was ingenious. Sherman caught a goldfinch, but didn't let it go. Hu-mom was not happy about it. oh well.

    Thanks for visiting our blog - and linking us to yours!

    Easter Wooos, Star

  2. I usually just step on, or over whoever is in my way. Eventually, they learn to move and do so whenever they see me coming.

    Too bad you didn't get the bird! That would have been a great tasty Easter treat!


  3. Happys Easter Meeshka (And mutatoe). Cooools toons!

    I eat lots of grass and either toss it up or poop it out, dependin' on how I feel that days. My mutatoe is called Dad and he's ALWAYS in my way (Or the highway).


    Freda Ƨ

  4. Loves your toons! The counter surfers are among us.:-)

  5. Hi Meeshka:
    I can't believe you told the Cyber Sibes that we're "wimps"! We are NOT! I would LOVE to chase bunnies and HAVE chased bunnies ... but Stormy would kick our collective fannies if we hurt a bunny in front of her. When she was a Husky Hobo, she had all kinds of friends like bunnies and cats and stuff and now she wags her tail at them and won't let us hurt them. But I myself have VERY strong hunting instincts and can't help myself. It's hard weighing that against my desire to do what Stormy tells me to. I have that Looney Tunes/Elmer Fudd rendition of "Kill the Wabbit" stuck in my head. Know that one?
    Amber (not a wimp!)

  6. Hey Meeshka, That cartoon is so cute. Does mutatoe always block your way?

    ~ fufu

  7. Yes fu fu,
    He does everything he can to annoy me. He goes out of his way to annoy me. He's very annoying.


  8. I would just step ON him, screw waiting for him to move. That's too bad about those birds moving their nest, that would have been prime and effortless snacking.