Friday, April 13, 2007

Location, Location, Location

Last year some robins made their nest on the privacy section of my deck. They were very tasty, but one managed to get away.

This year there are new occupants, some doves. Doves are very... stupid. I'm guessing that's why the bird realtor sold them on this fabulous 1 story nest right above the jaws of three very hungry huskies. Mrs. Dove sits and glares at the human woman, and us when we're out there. She isn't very pleased with having a light turned on in the night when we go out. You would think that the dove family would realize they've been had and find a new spot, but like I said, doves are apparently stupid.

We're hoping for a lot of eggs, because eggs hatch to be snacks, and snacks that actually run around like squeeky toys, so not only are we getting a snack, but a fun toy for a few miliseconds. They really need to make baby birds a bit more durable because the fun ends too quickly. Its a sure sign of spring when soon little treats will fall from the sky.

Tashi, my gorgeous and talented half sister, caught a baby squirrel and ate it before her human woman could get it away from her. That's another sign of spring right there. The conquest of the baby eatables.

I think we all need to start an official tally of the things we get to eat in the spring. I think that perhaps when I'm the queen of the world, that spring will be a special time, one where we all dine on little baby things. We can have a big festival and stuff. Of course we can't eat ALL of the baby things, because then there won't be any baby things for the next year's festival, but we can probably eat a lot.

(is it tweet time yet?)


  1. OOoohhhhh, yummy tasty birds are one of my favorites! Hopefully I wil get some this spring. It freaks the human woman out, and she hates it when we do those sorts of things (Sam has been a killer for years and she HATES IT when he does that)! Apparently she hasn't figured out yet, after 12 years of husky ownership, that it is natural for us to DO that!

    Good luck on the Dove bars!


  2. Just babies Meeshka, or does eating the adult dove bars count too?
    I haven't seen any babies yet (and the way it's raining right now they are probably floating away) but I have had two adult snacks since the snow left. They are a bit tougher to swallow in one bite, and not quite as tasty, but......

  3. When my parents get the fence put up it will be alot easier for me to get some tasty tweets, Right now the chain isn't long enough but i will get some.
    Enjoy the dove bars Meeshka,
    Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  4. That sounds like a very good idea for a festival. You will make an excellent queen.

    Steve and Kat

  5. "Dove bars", LOL!
    All we've gotten so far this year was a couple of moles - which made mom very happy...oh yeah, and a goldfinch that she wasn't so happy about. Still a bit early here for tasty baby mamels. Mom shoshes away the tweets.
    Jappy hunting.

  6. UGH, wish I could edit these posts, sorry. I meant...
    Happy hunting.

  7. baby eatables??? Sounds like a buffet bar for you Meeshka

    ~ fufu

  8. The birds in my area are very, very smart...they build their nests high up in the trees. One mama bird even came down to peck me on the head in my own backyard!

  9. Even if I get the chance, I am not eating any baby birds. That would really creep my Mother out.